Saturday, December 26, 2015

Unique Holiday Decorations That Really Pop

The winter holiday season is a special time of the year. People of all religions and cultures recognize and celebrate the season with solemnity, joy and hope. Families, friends and neighbors gather to share companionship, music and food. For many, it is the most festive time of the year and deserving of decorations that inspire or bring a smile.

Beyond the Common Holiday décor

Fortunately, there is a number of online sites that feature unique, striking holiday decorations that go beyond the standard fare of tinsel, colored glass balls and garlands.

Proudly Display Your Holiday Spirit

Some sites, like Holiday Lights & Magic Inc., for example, feature amazing stand-out items that really bring holiday décor to a whole other level. Large, life-sized snowmen, reindeer, angels and more, some animated, some crafted of durable, weather-resistant fiberglass, are available. Fiberglass sculptures do more than simply provide a stunning holiday display; they boldly state that the holiday spirit is not only alive in your home, it is an enduring, vibrant part of your holiday celebration.

 Inspire Your Neighborhood

Classic carousel animals like those found on merry-go-rounds are available. Prominently displayed with creative lighting, a delightful carousel animal or two begins to transform your lawn into a charming, whimsical toyland motif. Add a dancing ballerina, candy cane, toy soldier and a life-sized fiberglass Santa to complete the transformation.

For those wanting to honor family military members or America's active military, there are huge, gloriously lighted displays representing all the branches of service. Neighbors and passers-by will be enthralled.

Celebrate Your Spiritual Connection

For a more spiritually inspiring lawn display, there are life-sized camels, wise men, sheep, angels, donkeys, and even entire nativity scenes. Such a display would be ideal for a church, a pastor's front lawn, or any lawn where individuals enjoy sharing their strong spiritual connection to the holidays. There are also large menorahs with controller and timer features.

Whether you wish to display religious fervor, national pride, or the charm of whimsy, an extensive variety of extraordinary holiday decorations is available. Although the option of simple displays is still viable and enjoyable, homeowners and businesses can also avail themselves of more detailed contemporary designs. With LED lighting, animation, extraordinary topiary options and larger-than-life decorations, a variety of ways to celebrate and decorate offers a more personalized holiday experience.

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