Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How To Choose A School For Children

One of the most important decisions that a parent will make is deciding where to send their children for school. This is a pressure packed decision that could very well chart a course for the rest of your child's life. The following these tips can help to provide the assistance that a parent needs when it comes to making this difficult choice.

1. Teaching Staff

The bond that your child develops with a teacher will often determine their level of academic success. This connection's importance trumps that of any curriculum. Before choosing a school for your children, have a sit down with the teachers that will be responsible for your child's education and give your child the chance to meet them, as well. This allows you to see if a rapport can be developed between all parties involved.

2. Strong Math Curriculum

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects to your child's overall development. Your child needs to be exposed to as many math concepts as they can handle, especially during their earliest school days. There is no need to make them wait until they reach an older age. Math aptitude is innate and can be immediately sensed in a variety of instances. Feeding this part of a child's mind at a young age pays major dividends later in life. Remember that you don't only have to rely on the school about it, you can also work together with your kid. You will probably need some educational aids and they can easily be found in such stores as Kohl's, where they also offer you helpful discounts when you use a promo code from or search for other special deals.

3. Lessened Focus On Standardized Test Scores

While high scores on standardized tests are always a good sign, they do not always mean that the student is progressing as necessary. High scores can mean that the student is intelligent, but it can also mean that the school is tailoring their curriculum towards the test. A school that is teaching to these tests is a school that is not covering all of the necessary bases. A school with a contest mentality is not one that your child should be attending.
4. Recess Is Necessary

Don't allow yourself to fall into the trap of believing that excessive playtime is making our children "soft". Children need regular aerobic exercise and physical activity is also scientifically proven to improve a child's cognitive functioning;over the course of a school day. Elementary schools should not be built to function as a boot camp and this mentality needs to be avoided at all costs.; 5. Don't Be Swayed By Fancy Titles; Just because a school has the word "charter" or "private" in its name, this does not mean that it is necessarily the best choice. There is no name that absolutely guarantees the quality of a school. Statistics have shown that only 20 percent of charter schools actually exceed the quality of the schools they are replacing. A public school can provide the same level of education as one that charges a hefty tuition fee.

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