Sunday, October 25, 2015

How a Walker Can Benefit an Elderly Person

Elderly people have different reasons for using walkers. Some use a walker because their legs are weak and they want to feel more secure while moving around at home, the grocery store and elsewhere. Other elderly people use a walker for a period of time while they recover from surgery on their knees or hips. Walkers are helpful to elderly people in a number of different situations throughout a normal day. Take a look at a few of the benefits of walkers for seniors.

Getting Out of a Chair

A walker can assist an elderly person as he or she rises from a chair. It can be a challenge to get out of a chair especially when it’s plush or sits low to the floor. With the walker in front of the person, he or she grasps the handles on both sides and uses it as support while standing up. The walker is there if the person’s legs feel weak or he or she is unsteady. In this instance, a walker can give an elderly person physical support as well as peace of mind.

Taking a Shower

An elderly person may use a walker while taking a shower. Once again, the walker provides support if the person needs something to lean on while bathing. Also, a walker that is made to use in the shower can be helpful to a person as he or she enters and leaves the shower. An elderly person who uses a walker while in the shower can enjoy the ability to shower without assistance from a caretaker.

Getting Out of a Vehicle

An elderly person who is getting out of a car that sits low to the ground wants to feel as secure as possible. A walker can provide this security. The person leans on the walker as he or she is exiting a vehicle instead of simply grasping onto the side of the car door. Plus, once the person is out of the car, he or she can begin moving right away with the help of the walker.

Walkers are practical, durable items that are there to offer strong support to elderly people as well as disabled individuals. Having a walker can give an elderly person the confidence to venture out to visit friends, go on errands and do many of the things that he or she enjoys.

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