Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meeting A Friend

FYI - This is a long overdue post. But like the saying goes "better late than never". :-D

It was in my college days whom I met most of my good friends. After college I seldom see some of them in person due to the fact that some of them move to another place to earn for a living and they found their better-half in another place. Although we are far from each other we still communicate through facebook and sms.

Just recently, I am in constant communication to one of my good friend in college. He is living few towns away from where I live. I never though that we will just commumicating in facebook so I was very excited when he invited us to thier fiesta together with our other friend. Though we dont have ample time chichatting because he he has to entertain other visitors it was still a good meet up. It really nice seeing him and meeting his wife for the second time.

Hopefully we will have a chance to meet each other again soon.

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