Saturday, September 5, 2015

Choosing The Right Furniture

When the last of the children moves out, parents often breathe a sigh of relief. The kids will be missed, but suddenly there are endless possibilities for parents who no longer have the full-time responsibility of a family. They might travel, get a long-delayed degree or pursue other hobbies.

If this is you, downsizing and redecorating may be on your agenda. No longer do you need kid-friendly furniture and scrubbable walls. The buffet you propped up on a wood block when the leg broke can finally be replaced. A lot of your furniture can be repurposed with some paint or stain and a bit of polish. Still, it is so nice to reward yourself for a parenting job well done with some quality pieces of furniture that make a statement about who you are and reflect the taste of “grown-ups.”

Thomasville Furniture is a good choice when it comes to selecting those pieces. The company started out a hundred years ago making only chairs, but the furniture was so well-crafted and beautiful that customers clamored for more. As every parent of a grown child knows, it is rewarding to do something well over time and see the results.

When you look around at your home you may still see an environment that is meant to nurture children, and you now need a place that will nurture you. Redecorating a whole house can be expensive. Plus, it is nice to keep some of your favorite furnishings around you; it makes a home feel cozy. You might turn a bedroom into an art or music studio or an elegant guest room. By painting walls, replacing rugs and repurposing furniture, moving it to another room, you can make a home feel new. One or two pieces of beautiful furniture can make it feel grown up and elegant, making a statement to your guests about the new steps you are taking in life, and reminding you in quiet times that you accomplished a great deal as a parent.

When your child goes off to college or to a new job, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well-done, but you should reward yourself in other ways, too. Beautiful, quality furniture can last a lifetime and can become a prized possession when it is passed on to a son or daughter. Every time they look at it they will recall the parent who gave up so much to raise them.

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