Sunday, September 20, 2015

They Are In To Videoke!!

My younger younger sister and her three children were her for a two days visit. While they are home I over heard my niece complaining she misses singing. I was a little surprise because I didnt know that they are now into singing, well it is videoke to be exact. The last time I visited them they are still busy playing. It looks like my sisters children are growing up so fast that they are starting to stop playing.

Anyway, as soon as I heard my niece saying she miss singing the first thing that cross my mind is small microphone for them. I am certain that they will love to own a mic, they dont need to fret everytime thier Mom will ask them not to use the mic that my sister bought. I shall check how much it will cost me to buy this kind of mic.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

97 Days To Go

Good morning fellow bloggers. I hope you are having a great weekend. As I am typing I am listening to a remix Christmas songs that is being played in the radio. As what my post title say, its 97 days to go before Christmas. Are you guys are getting excited? I am, I do not know why but I am more giddy this time compared last year. Perhaps it is the Christmas songs that makes me feel excited and giddy. Whatever the reason for me to feel like this what matter is I am happy.

This year I will be putting up our Christmas tree. We dont have any Christmas decoration after all my Christmas decor were ruined by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I haven't started shopping for decorations thou but the boyfriend already promise that we will have our Christmas tree this year. I am certain I will buy it sooner than later. I cant wait to start shopping.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Inernet Has A Lot To Offer

What would the world be like today if the Internet was never invented? This is a question that is impossible to answer, but very interesting to consider. The Internet has opened doors and created opportunities in terms of business and communication that most people thought to be impossible. The amazing thing is that people are developing new ways every day to develop this amazing technology and make it even more useful than it already is. At this point, there seems to be no limit to what the Internet can do. The Internet has changed the world in so many ways. Here are a few of the most important ones.

1. Online businesses

It wasn't long after its creation that people started to use the Internet in an effort to sell products and services. Thus, online businesses were officially born. Things have only increased from that point. The online businesses Amazon and Alibaba are two of the biggest companies in the world. Both are exclusively online. The Internet has also given many average people the opportunity to start their own business from the comfort of their own home. Nowadays, many people have quit their regular jobs to work from home on the Internet full-time.

 2. Communication

There used to be a time when the only way to talk to someone in a foreign country was to make a very expensive long distance phone call. Fortunately, those days are gone forever. People can now call their friends or relatives overseas using VoIP technology that costs very little for a person to call a phone over the Internet. It costs nothing to connect with a person who is using the same VoIP program that you are. The invention of webcams has made it possible to not only talk to people in other countries, but see them as well.

3. Watching television and movies

The amount of entertainment options that exist solely because of the Internet is absolutely staggering. You can now stream almost every TV show and movie online with crystal clear picture and sound. There is no longer any need to buy costly DVDS that take up space. AT&T U-verse is a service that allows users to download and stream their favorite movies and shows, as well as use email, go on social media and use video chat with family and friends. Learn more about it by taking a look at

Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine.

Friday, September 11, 2015


I actually don't know what I an going to write here. In fact I took me almost 10 minutes before I start typing. Well, I did typed one sentence after typing the post title but ended up deleting my first sentence thinking I could make more decent sentence but I was wrong because I could not think of a good one. So here I am talking nonsense once again. Anyway, it is Friday. I am thinking of going out on a movie date with my son tomorrow. He has been bugging me for the past couple of days that we havent go out like we usually do before. I didn't promise him anything becaise I dont want to disappoint him. Apart from going out on a date with my bundle of joynI also want to visit the salon in town where my cousin is working. I need to have my mani and pedi. Have a nice weekend fellow bloggers..

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meeting A Friend

FYI - This is a long overdue post. But like the saying goes "better late than never". :-D

It was in my college days whom I met most of my good friends. After college I seldom see some of them in person due to the fact that some of them move to another place to earn for a living and they found their better-half in another place. Although we are far from each other we still communicate through facebook and sms.

Just recently, I am in constant communication to one of my good friend in college. He is living few towns away from where I live. I never though that we will just commumicating in facebook so I was very excited when he invited us to thier fiesta together with our other friend. Though we dont have ample time chichatting because he he has to entertain other visitors it was still a good meet up. It really nice seeing him and meeting his wife for the second time.

Hopefully we will have a chance to meet each other again soon.

Choosing The Right Furniture

When the last of the children moves out, parents often breathe a sigh of relief. The kids will be missed, but suddenly there are endless possibilities for parents who no longer have the full-time responsibility of a family. They might travel, get a long-delayed degree or pursue other hobbies.

If this is you, downsizing and redecorating may be on your agenda. No longer do you need kid-friendly furniture and scrubbable walls. The buffet you propped up on a wood block when the leg broke can finally be replaced. A lot of your furniture can be repurposed with some paint or stain and a bit of polish. Still, it is so nice to reward yourself for a parenting job well done with some quality pieces of furniture that make a statement about who you are and reflect the taste of “grown-ups.”

Thomasville Furniture is a good choice when it comes to selecting those pieces. The company started out a hundred years ago making only chairs, but the furniture was so well-crafted and beautiful that customers clamored for more. As every parent of a grown child knows, it is rewarding to do something well over time and see the results.

When you look around at your home you may still see an environment that is meant to nurture children, and you now need a place that will nurture you. Redecorating a whole house can be expensive. Plus, it is nice to keep some of your favorite furnishings around you; it makes a home feel cozy. You might turn a bedroom into an art or music studio or an elegant guest room. By painting walls, replacing rugs and repurposing furniture, moving it to another room, you can make a home feel new. One or two pieces of beautiful furniture can make it feel grown up and elegant, making a statement to your guests about the new steps you are taking in life, and reminding you in quiet times that you accomplished a great deal as a parent.

When your child goes off to college or to a new job, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well-done, but you should reward yourself in other ways, too. Beautiful, quality furniture can last a lifetime and can become a prized possession when it is passed on to a son or daughter. Every time they look at it they will recall the parent who gave up so much to raise them.

Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tips For Finding A Dentist

A dentist is one of the most important people your family will see. This is a doctor who will examine the teeth to make sure there are no cavities, chipped teeth or other issues in the mouth. When looking for a Brooklyn dentist, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you have the best doctor for your family.

Find out what dental benefits you have through your insurance company. Some companies don't pay for the entire visit. If you are on financial assistance, then there are usually only certain dentists who you can visit. You would need to contact offices to make sure they accept the kind of coverage you have before making a decision of a dentist that you like. Once you have found out about the coverage and how you are going to pay for the visit, you can begin talking to other patients at the dental office to see how they like the dentist and the treatment received. Most dentists have a website so that you can look at the services offered. There are usually pictures of the office and the people who work there as well as reviews that are left by the patients. Read the reviews to see what people think because they will often write an honest review online where they might try to glorify the dentist while in the office.

Find a dentist that is either close to your home or close to work and school. If you don't work outside the home, then consider finding an office that is located near your house instead of in a busy area of the city as you might find that there are more people who use that office. You should also ask about the hours of the office and the days that the office is open in case there is an emergency. Go to the office for a consultation with the dentist. Talk to the dentist about the procedures that are done at the office. If you don't feel comfortable talking to the dentist, then it's best to find another office where you will be comfortable.
Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How Time Flies

No doubt, time flies so fast and before we knew it we all getting busy preparing for the wonderful tine of the year. My favorite time of the year so far, the holiday season. Oh! I know it is too early to talk about holiday season but I came from the country that has the longest Christmas celebration. Would you believe that I already saw Christmas decoration that are being displayed as early as last month? I would have bought some of it as the store offer big discount. Too bad, I do not have extra money that time.

Anyway, now that holiday season is fast approaching I am starting to think of what to. Honestly, I have much in mind as of this typing and I would love to share it in the next coming days or weeks perhaps. Or maybe, I will be sharing my thoughts and plan in my other blogs. I guess its a good idea bearing in mind that I lost the mojo to blog for like a decade now.

 How about you? Are excited for holiday season? Its the third day of BER months and since time flies so fast it is best to plan ahead of time to avoid the hussle and busstle of holiday season.

By the way, I am actually planning to share a picture but fo some reason I cannot do it. The downside when you are using your phone to do your thing online :-(.