Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prepping for a Close Shave

Men looking for a close, clean shave have always trusted the straight razor. While this may seem like an antiquated method of hair removal, the hard fact is that a straight razor shave will be the closest shave a man can get. Period.

If you have been using modern razors for a while, there will be a bit of a learning curve at first. In the end, the benefits will far outweigh any initial hassle. To help you guys along on this new journey, we have put together a little 'how to' on dealing with shaving soap.

This type of soap is meant to be worked into a lather using a shaving brush, and then applied to the area to be shaved, It is the old-school version of today's aerosol shaving creams, only with a much smaller environmental impact. You can find both shaving sticks and soap in the stores. Both are similar, but today is all about the soap.

To begin with, you are going to need to pick up a mug or scuttle. This is the dish your new soap puck will sit in. You can go all fancy and pick up a new one at the store, but to save a few bucks, hit a local thrift shop and grab something that strikes your fancy. Once you have your dish, you are ready to prep your soap and brush.

Begin by getting your shaving brush wet. not just typical wet, but really soak that thing. Fill a bowl, glass or the bathroom sink with hot water and let the brush sit in the for about thirty seconds. Once soaking is complete, begin to drain the excess water from the brush. You want to get most of the water out but leave enough to form a thick lather with your new soap.

Next comes loading the brush. To do this, gently swirl your shaving brush around the top of your soap in a circular motion. Once a lather starts to form, begin alternating directions to really work the soap onto the bristles.

Soon you will have a beautifully lathered brush. Apply the lather to your face once the brush is ready. There is no secret way of doing this, just whatever works for you. Once your face is fully covered, you are ready to begin shaving.

Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine.

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