Saturday, August 29, 2015

Plan a Family Houseboat Trip

A houseboat trip is a relaxing adventure that the entire family will enjoy. You can leisurely cruise your favorite lake while you enjoy nature and the outdoors. Here are some important tips to consider for a more comfortable trip.

Length of the Trip

Most houseboat rental companies offer trips for three, four, five and seven days. Depending on the size of your family, consider how many days and nights you want to spend on the boat. If you have children, consider their ages and how long they can endure the adventure. If you rent a boat for more than four days, you may need to return to the marina for fuel, fresh water and to pump out the holding tanks. For a five-day or seven-day trip, consider a nicer boat with more conveniences on board.

Size of the Boat

A houseboat that sleeps ten people is more comfortable with eight people, so you have room to move around on the boat. Although the boat sleeps ten, your cargo will take up space as well. Whatever the maximum capacity of the boat, 10,12 or 14 people, drop that number by two for a more comfortable trip or rent a larger luxury boat that can be beached. You can set up a campsite and stay anchored most of the time with on-shore activities like swimming, rafting and fishing.

What to We Take

For safety and comfort, don't overload the houseboat with things you don't need. Pack one small carry-on bag with personal items like clothes, medications, sunglasses and personal hygiene products for each family member. Pack one family bag with for shared items like sun tan lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and a blow dryer. Pack an entertainment bag with a radio or CD player and a few books, board games or puzzles for night time activities. If you plan to fish, take just enough fishing gear for easy storage.


 You'll need food and cooking supplies. Since the ovens on most houseboats are very small, take small pots and pans. Typically, there's no refrigerator, so you'll need a good ice chest and lots of ice to keep food and drinks cold. You can save money by preparing food at home for your trip.

Towels and Linens

 You'll need to bring washcloths, towels, pillows, sheets and blankets for each person. The beds on most houseboats are vinyl-covered boat cushions that float. Although the boat foam is comfortable, fitted sheets for each bedding area will provide extra comfort and softness.

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