Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Voice Kids PH

There is no doubt there are lot of good singers out there that are not given a chance to showcase thier talent in Philippines television. I am glad that ABS CBN come up with a talent show like "The Voice Kids". It allows children allover the country and Filipino children that are living outside the country to showcase their talent and win exciting prizes. I cannot deny the fact that I love watching the show. I am stunned the way the kids sing thier choosen song. I do not know where those voices came from.  I sometimes ask myself why those children have those voices and why I cant have it. I will be very happy if I can sing like those kids. Oh! It might be too much to ask so I guess I will contented even if I can only sing the right tune.

Anyways, go back to The Voice Kids, since the second season started airing I never failed to watch the show every weekend. I am certain that there are also a lot of followers all over the country and even outside the country also watch the show.

To all the kids, good luck

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