Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Guitar Case

I previously mentioned in my previous blog post that my nephew now owb a guitar. It's not a new one as hr only fpund it right after super typhoon Yolanda. When he found the guitar it was kept in a black case but since it was soak in seawater for few hours the case is that good as it is before. I would love to buy a new guitar case for my nephews guitar perhaps a fender pro will be great but only if money is not a question. I heard that is is good and design to protect your instrument. So if you happen to look for a new guitar case you have an idea what brand of case to purchase.

Late Post: High School Reunion

I am an average student when I was still studying, with this attending our annual high school reunion is not easy simply because it well attended by my batchmates from the first section. I am glad that a good friend forced me to attend three years. It was my first time to attend gladly I did because I had so much fun and talking my former classmates/batchmates was great. For the past two years I failed to attend pur annual grand alumni because of some reasons. This year I triend my best to attend and so far it was the funniest and merriest reunion I attended. Thanks to my balikbayan batchmate for gracing the event, because of her we won the merriest batch during the parade and she also won the female face of night. As early as now, my batchmates are already planning for our next reunion and I am super excited. I am certain that you know how it feels to be reunited with your former classmates, friends and teachers.