Sunday, March 29, 2015

Summer Vacation, It Is

The little big boy had his Moving Up and Recognition Rites last Friday. Although he still need to go back to school on Monday and Tuesday he opt to start his summer vacation earlier because in two hours he will be flyjng to Cebu to spend his summer vacation with his paternal family. Aside from the little big boy his other classmate is also in Cebu as of this typing. If I am right they left yesterday. As I have mentioned earlier the little big boy will spend his summer vacation in Cebu. It's his second time to apend his summer in Cebu, yet he is still excited. In fact he always asked me if his grandfather was serious when he said he will be the one to buy his ticket. Since this morning he has been aware of the time. He is afraid he will be late to his flight. I do not want to ruin his excitement ao I just let him prepare earlier. As I type this blog post he is already at his grandparents place. Before I hit the publish button I want to say, have a nice trip Tim and Justin.

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