Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Hope All Is Well Now!

Having no internet connection for four days is irritating more so if use it as your means of communication to your loved onces. In my case, its my primary means of communicating to my boyfriend who is living in another part of the word. Losing my internet connection in time that I and my boyriend is having a misunderstanding is more irritating.

Anyway, it is my second monthsof using Globe as my internet provider and in two months I am happy with thier service, however I am not happy on how they deliver the bills. Its understandable the bill usually arrive late since it is from Manila but what is not understable is they will disconnect your connection without them trying to reach you on the number you've provided im your contact. In two months months my connection has been disconnected twice already. Hopefully, they can send my next bill through email next time since I have given my email address for the second time around. 

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