Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feeling Good!

A friend came over this morning. And guess what he said as soon as he arrive! We have a beautiful yard now. I am really proud of myself, I may say. Why not? I am a type of person who loves flowering plant but I am not fond of planting. But in the past two weeks I have been putting some effort to plant flowering plants and I even bought few flowering plants and put them in a plot. No doubt we will have a pleasant yard coming summer. I am excited to see my fruit of labor.

 Hopefully, I can find more plant that bear flowers in the next couple of weeks while laziness is way far from my system.

In the other hand, summer is fast approaching I can even feel it in my skin as early as 7 in the morning. Talking about summer, do you have any plan this coming summer? As for me, I do not have any plan yet but I hope I will have a splended summer again. 

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