Thursday, January 29, 2015

Making Your Presentation Stand Apart

If you have a PowerPoint presentation for school and aren't sure how to do it, there are companies like eSlide.comthat can walk you through the process or provide a template for the presentation. All you would have to do is enter the information on each slide until it's completed.

There are some things to keep in mind when you design the presentation that can help it stand out from others while getting across all of the information you want it to say. Music and sounds are good to include on the presentation. You should match the music to the slides so that it blends well in the presentation. Pictures are probably the best thing that you can add as they can convey information that you might not be able to get across with only words. Don't use too many pictures as they can clutter the slides, and try to add action to the pictures instead of just letting them sit on the screen. Graphs can help in delivering a lot of numbers at one time instead of using several slides with only a little bit of information. Use different fonts and colors to make the slides unique, but make sure there is a general theme to the presentation.

Double Celebration

The little big boy is all set and ready for tomorrow's celebrations. Yes, we will have a double celebrations. Its his 10th birthday and his first communion. The little big boy is getting  excited both for his birthday and communion.

We decided to move his birthday celebration on Saturday. It is not a big party though but I am certain that the celebrant will be happy because his cousins are coming. We also decided to prepare snacks for his classmate coming Friday. I hope I can post few photos of the celebration as soon as I can.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

6 Ways to Keep Burglars Away From Your Home

When it comes to keeping your home safe and intruder-free, a good offense is the best defense. If you can make your home less than appealing to burglars, they’ll bypass it entirely. Follow these six tips for keeping intruders away from your family and your belongings.

1. Make sure that your home is well-lit at night. It’s more likely that a burglar will break in if they think they’ll remain unseen. To save on energy, install motion-sensor lights. Aside from being good for the environment, these lights will also surprise an intruder and alert homeowners that something or someone’s nearby.

2. Don’t show off your recent big purchases by leaving the boxes on the side of the road. This is an especially big problem during the holidays, when people discard boxes to flat screen TVs, video game system, laptops, and more. If a burglar knows there’s something valuable inside, they’ll be more inclined to break in.

3. Let the sun stream in during the day, but at night, pull down those blinds. When it’s dark outside and the lights are on in your house, it’s easy to see everything that’s going on inside. Intruders will sometimes choose their targets simply because they see what’s going on inside. Even if your lights are off, the blinds should still be closed - an empty house is a prime target.

4. Untrimmed shrubs and bushes provide the perfect place for intruders to hide. Trim back your shrubbery so that they don’t have any type of camouflage. Your porch, doors, and windows should be visible to neighbors and anybody walking by - intruders shouldn’t be able to hide behind your own greenery.

5. Get a reliable alarm system and invest in  alarm monitoring so your home is protected even when you’re not there.

6. If you’ll be out of your house for a long time, like while on vacation, setup timers to give the illusion that people are home. Indoor lights, TV sets, and radios can all be set on timers to start and stop at designated times. Most of the time, a burglar wants to steal, not come face-to-face with someone inside the house.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, every 15 seconds another home in America is burglarized. Don’t become one of those numbers - be smart about protecting your home against intrusions.

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Get Rid Of Pimples

Who wants to have pimples? I am sure we dont want it. But sometimes we cant avoid it because there is no doubt pimples is a commom teeneger problem. Well I could say its not only for teenegers as I know some adults who are still battling on how to get rid those unwanted pimples. Luckily, I did not experience having pimples although I sometime deal having one or two pimple once in a while. Though I did not encountered pimple problem, I know how it is to have this kind if problem. My uncle, has been dealing with is since he was a teen. I remember him using many kind of face cleanser hoping that he can get rid of those pimples but he failed, countless of time. Until one day I did not notice him panicking everytime there is another pimple that pop on his face and neck.

But nowadays, pimple problem is easier to handle. A lot of dermatologist are available to help you. One can even find a lot of help and information on how we can get rid of this pesky skin problem online in fact you can find More information here.
Shoud you need to get rid of pimples, you know where to go.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Lazy Me

Did you miss me fellow blogger? I know I am slacking once again. I do have a lot of story to share but for some reason I am lazy to blog. I really miss those days wherein I can publish one or more blog post in a day. I seldom happened nowadays in fact I havent been updating my blogs for more than a month and I am not happy with it. How I wish I will get back to the old blogger, a productive blogger.

I am still grateful that I can still earn a little from my blog.