Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Branding a Business with Domain Name Registration

Making a name (brand) known to customers is part of the branding mantra of online business. In comparison to real estate’s often-quoted priority: “Location. Location. Location,” online business gurus and experts stress the affirmation of branding. For most online ventures, branding starts with the domain name

Domain name registration is not about difficulty or ease. Registering domain names involves availability. For every novel concept or innovative idea, most probably someone with a similar idea or concept has entered the fray and hurriedly registered the domain name with the suffix .com, .net, .biz or even .org at its end. Thus, others with similar names are left in the shadow of the originator of the domain name. Much like the patent is to the inventor or the copyright is to the writer, domain names are the hallmark for identifying legal rights for ownership and usage. In many cases, if the domain name sought is already taken, online entrepreneurs and business leaders are forced to return to the drawing board to brainstorm and identify other potential domain names.

There is little guesswork to domain name registration. Essentially, much like naming a business, the domain name serves as an Internet moniker for the business or venture and relates directly to the brand image of the business itself. In most cases, domain names should correlate to the business name, even if the two are not identical, so that customers will come to recognize and associated the two together. Domain names help with the branding process. Domain names help business develop name and brand recognition online as well as through offline promotions and marketing, even advertising.

Registering a domain name requires some thought. Identifying a domain name that both fits a business and its culture as well as stands out from the competition is a good guideline. Oftentimes, businesses will utilize a tagline or key catch phrase that describes the business rather than the name of the business itself. This helps potential customers associate the website with the services or products that the business actually provides to the public. In the branding process, such domain names may utilize a play on words or intricate wording to stand out from the competition vying for the eyes of customers.

A domain registration or web hosting website is typically used for registering a domain name. An example of a site that offers domain name registration services is

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