Saturday, May 24, 2014

Early Christmas Shopping

I have mentioned in many occassion that Christmasbia my favorite season. I am certain my boyfriend will not call me Christmas girl for nothing. I know its too early to talk about Christmas but I could not help myself from talking more especially that I get to have a chance to talk about it.

Anyway, as you all know we were hit by the strongest typhoon that made landfall in the history before Christmas. Hence I want to enjoy the Christmas spirit for a longer time I decided to start putting back our Christmas decor a day after the All Souls Day. But because if typhoon Yolanda all our Christmas decor ruined, some of it were carried away by the strong current of the sea water away from our home.

Though we don't have Christmas decor on Christmas Day and hundreds of families are only living in evacuation centers and tent I still saw some families prepared foods. As for me, aside from preparing food for the family I also bought candies for the children. Inspite of the problems we are facing I feel like the spirit of Christmas should not be taken for granted.

Hence there are lots of home owners has not just lost thier homes but also home appliances, kitchen wares, Christmas decors and a lot more. I am certain that next holiday season a lot of people will start buying new Christmas trees and and other Christmas decoration. No doubt I am one of them. Gladly, a friend told me about Christmas Lights, Etc. I am considering on visiting the sites before the next holiday season. Hoping I can find cheap decorations. Oh well, if money is not an issue I am sure I will start shopping Christmas decoration early so I will have ample of time choosing which to buy. How about you? Are you planning to buy new decoration? If so do visit the link I shared above.

No Update Here

I'm such a bad blogger for not posting an update here and in my other. Though I really want to post an update at the end of the day I always end of not posting any update. The reason is because I am very disappointed. I could not login to my all time favorite pay to blog site because I forgot my new password. I already send an email twice on how I can recover my password since the email I use to login has been block. I am hoping that I can solve this problem soon so I can login to my dashboard again.