Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When We Will Get Hitched

I only have few whom I can really call real friends and most of them are my college friends. You may find it ironic, but in my circles of real friends three of them are single parent like me. One of them is a widow with two kids but gladly three of my friends are happily married, lol. And oh! I also have a good friend who have been working abroad for many years now and she is single. Lastly I have two more friends that are single and it seemed that finding love is not in thier list of priority since they choose to help thier family. And hence most of us are single, we often asked each other if there is a right man that are meant for us. A man who will accept us whole heartedly and will accept our child(ren) as thier own.

We are on our mid-thirties but we are not losing our hope that one day, in Gods time we will also walk down the aisle. But if not, we will surely be happy with our children and will live happy and contented. BUt then again, if someone comes along (who deserves our love and affection) and will ask for our hands, there is no doubt that we will accept the offet. Hahaha..Who doesn't want a wedding, anyway? We all want and dream it, right?

Wedding, is so far the most planned event for couples who are tying the knot. It is daunting at times especially if you will think the huge preparations that come with it. Lucky those that can afford to hire professional wedding planners to take of the hard work for them. However, for couples who has a tight budget you can make things less stress and daunting. Just imagine the excitememt that you're going to fell when you start scounting for affordable wedding gowns, Flower Girl Dresses and other things needed in a wedding. You never know you will also find Maternity Dresses along the way. Hehehe... But dont get too excited on the maternity dresses as you might forget that you still need to buy shoe for your wedding. Finding that perfect shoe from wide selection of Wedding Shoes is not easy. To those you are tying the knot real soon I suggest you to check out, its a one stop online store for your wedding needs.

To my friends, lets have faith and trust the man above. We never know we will also experience the stress and excitement in preparing a wedding.

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