Monday, March 31, 2014

Shop Your Chic And Fabolous Dress Online

Online shopping is becoming a hit in the country these days. I remember few years ago, I was hesitant to pay my first purchased online. I have to think many times before I decided to pay the item I want. Luckily, my first online shopping was a success. I received the item without any hassle and the product is perfect. I figured, you just have to make sure that the seller is trusted.

Talking about online shopping, I bet you guys have heard about Zalora.

If not, Zalora is one of the largest online retailers in the Philippines and other Asian countries. They offer wide selection of branded and fashionable dresses at Zalora, tops, shoes, bags, jewelries and much more. They also offer clothing, shoes and apparrel for men. Now, that I have found Zalora, a trusted online store in the country, there is no doubt that my online shopping experience will be exciting and hassle free. I will also get rid of asthma attack every time I need to shop especially on holiday season.

Talking about fashionable dresses, do you find the dresses on the picture fashionable and chic. My friend want to buy a dress semilar on the picture but she is not convince if the style is superb.

By the way, she got the pictures in an online store that her friend recommend. It will be her first online shopping experience if ever she decide to buy any of the dress in the photo.

If you haven't experience shopping online then I guess its high time you try it now just like my friend. There are hundreds of online store to check out there.

Friday, March 28, 2014

No Blog Traffic

I've mentioned in some occasions that I am using my phone to work on my thing online. With this, I know for a fact that I could not do what I usually do online before I lost my netbook almost five months ago. For instance, I could not join the daily blog hop as I could not install alexa software in my browser. I haven't check my alexa rank yet and I dont have plan of checking it in the near future. I know my alexa ranking is not good as I haven't generating good traffic for few months already. How I wish I can go back to blogging in full force but I don't have enough money to buy a new laptop as of this typing.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Optimize Your Content

These days, it isn't good enough to simply create content and have tons of traffic come to your site. Instead, you have to optimize that content, share it with others and hope that you can have it go viral. If you are just starting a new blog or website, it may be a good idea to go on a promotional tour to help your site gain some visibility.

How to Choose Keywords

The first thing that you should do before starting a site is choose the keywords that you want to target. Which words do you think people are going to use when searching for your site? While you don't have to get the keywords exactly right, you should use those words as a basis for your content. Ideally, you will use your desired keywords once for every 100 words that you write. Getting Your Content to go Viral

How do you get your content to go viral?

The best way is to create content that lends itself to being shared. Lists, quotes and other content that is easy to digest will tend to get shared more than a post that is full of text. Infographics are great for those who are looking for their content to go viral to increase awareness of your site. You also want to make sure that you are creating follower lists on social media of people who are actually interested in an engaged with your content. Otherwise, there is less of a chance that people will want to share your content.

How to Optimize Your Content

Are you looking for ways to optimize your content to help it get found by those on search engines or social media in an organic way? Aside from keywords, using correct title tags as well as meta descriptions can go a long way. A title tag is a H1 through H6 tag that helps a search engine determine how your site is structured.

A local SEO services company may be able to help your company optimize content to expose it to as wide an audience as possible. When your content gets in front of more people, it can make it easier to convert those visitors into customers or loyal followers of your brand. Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Afraid of Heavy Rain and Strong Wind

Almost five months after the devastating super typhoon my son seem not to overcome his fear. He became aware of the wind direction and weather forecast. For two days the wind blows a a bit strong. The sound of our temporary roof in the kitchen and it bothers my son. Everytime the wind blows above its normal strength my son will hide under the blanket and cry. He is afraid of what happened to us when we were lambasted by Yolanda might happen again. I always pray that my son will overcome this fear. I know it will not be easy because we almost lost our lives when the sea water almost reach our cieling in less than a minute. Luckily we all manage to go up. So we all survive. With this expirience, its not surprising that my son is afraid of strong wind and heavy rain.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When We Will Get Hitched

I only have few whom I can really call real friends and most of them are my college friends. You may find it ironic, but in my circles of real friends three of them are single parent like me. One of them is a widow with two kids but gladly three of my friends are happily married, lol. And oh! I also have a good friend who have been working abroad for many years now and she is single. Lastly I have two more friends that are single and it seemed that finding love is not in thier list of priority since they choose to help thier family. And hence most of us are single, we often asked each other if there is a right man that are meant for us. A man who will accept us whole heartedly and will accept our child(ren) as thier own.

We are on our mid-thirties but we are not losing our hope that one day, in Gods time we will also walk down the aisle. But if not, we will surely be happy with our children and will live happy and contented. BUt then again, if someone comes along (who deserves our love and affection) and will ask for our hands, there is no doubt that we will accept the offet. Hahaha..Who doesn't want a wedding, anyway? We all want and dream it, right?

Wedding, is so far the most planned event for couples who are tying the knot. It is daunting at times especially if you will think the huge preparations that come with it. Lucky those that can afford to hire professional wedding planners to take of the hard work for them. However, for couples who has a tight budget you can make things less stress and daunting. Just imagine the excitememt that you're going to fell when you start scounting for affordable wedding gowns, Flower Girl Dresses and other things needed in a wedding. You never know you will also find Maternity Dresses along the way. Hehehe... But dont get too excited on the maternity dresses as you might forget that you still need to buy shoe for your wedding. Finding that perfect shoe from wide selection of Wedding Shoes is not easy. To those you are tying the knot real soon I suggest you to check out, its a one stop online store for your wedding needs.

To my friends, lets have faith and trust the man above. We never know we will also experience the stress and excitement in preparing a wedding.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hitting The Hay Soon

It's few minutes passed eight in the evening yet I getting sleepy. This is not the usual time that I usually go tp sleep so I can say this is not so me, lol. Back then I usually go to be before midnight or past midnight but that was before when I still have my effecient netbook and fast internet connection.

As I type this blog post I am already lying in bed. I will dose off as soon as I publish this blog post. I am hoping that I will be motivated to blog tomorrow morning as I need to compose two more blog post of 300 words. Truly creating three blog post of the same topic is not easy. I am not complaining as I've been praying for online blessings.

Good night to all!!