Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recorded Songs

When I attended the mass two weeks ago I was seated near the choir. I noticed that the man is not playing his piano when the choir needs to sing. I figured the song they are going to sing were already recorded. I wonder if the man who own the piano also own an rc-30 at musicians friend. If so, I will not be a surprised because they are a family of singer. In fact they have a good quality of music instruments and speaker.

Truly, if you are into musical instrument and gadget you can distinguish a good one.

Ideas Keep Pouring Please

What I really hate when I am blogging from the internet café is I have a very limited time. Normally I can write a short blog post in less than ten minutes, that is if I am in mood to write and ideas are over flowing. However, if the ideas I have in mind is difficult to put into writing that is the time that composing a blog post is impossible or it will take me longer time to finish a blog post.

I am thankful that ideas keep on pouring as of this typing so I continue tapping the keyboard. I also need to work as fast as I can because I am running out of time again. I need to go back home in less than an hour. Haist.. I really miss blogging and the things I do when I still have a decent internet connection and netbook.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Safety Your Musical Instrument

Do you own a guitar? Or do you take an extra effort to make sure that your instrument is safe and away from any danger? For professional singers even those who are not singing professionally making their guitar and other musical instruments are very important. So if you notice that the case of your instrument is not in good condition it’s high time that you get a new one. You can get electric soft guitar cases at guitar centerin a reasonable price. So why let your instruments hanging in the corner without making it safe when you can do something to make sure it won’t get any scratch or damage.

Slowly Recovering

Almost three months after the typhoon, people in our place are starting to stand and continue living. We may have lost some of our loved ones but life must go on, we most move forward. Some of the wounded victim are still recovering and nursing their wounds. I am happy and thankful that my son’s wound is finally healed. Although the scar he will always remind us what we did when we tried to escape from the fast rising seawater.

At one time, I thought of buying him a cream to get rid of the scar but at the last minute I choose not to apply any cream that will help fade the scar. His scar will also remind us how blessed and lucky we are for we survived and we were given another chance to live.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Buy Musical Instrument Online

There is no doubt that shopping clothes online is big hit these days. Who have thought that buying music instrument online will become a big hit as well? I didn’t thought of that until I came across this website that sells wide selection of music instrument online. So if you know someone who is planning to buy a musical instrument then I urge you to buy b3 guitars at musicians friend. Music instrument from this online store is made of good and high quality.

Miss Blog Hopping

If there is one thing I miss doing online it is visiting other blog and commenting on the post. Before the devastating typhoon landfall to our Province I am an active member of a group were the members are task to visit other member’s blog and leave a comments. It’s more than two months since the last time I join the weekly exchange comment and I really miss it.

In fact, it’s been a decade that I haven’t building a good traffic in all of my blogs. I really hope I will have my internet connection back at home so I can go back to my normal blogging routine. I plan to visit the office of my internet provider tomorrow or the next day. I am hoping to get a positive response on when to get my internet at home.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is Lasik Procedure Safe

King LASIK The Price of Sight Infographic 600px
Presented By King Lasik

At The Internet Cafe Working

Yes, I am finally able to apply for an internet plan today. Hopefully, the signal is good when I get home. A friend of mine who is using the same internet provider advised me to choose the same internet provider she is using. I tried using it before living the wireless company where I applied and it works fine. Anyway, I am here in the internet café working on my backlogs.

I have few tasks to work on that will expire in dew days. I am going to try blogging using my phone when I get home if my internet connection permits me to do so.

Workholding Supplies

One thing is for sure a lot of people in my place will need what is available in this page. I am actually surprised if my cousin who is running their family business will need this thing. I only hope he can find a store that is not taking advantage of the situation as I found out some store owner increased the prices of their product after typhoon Yolanda.

I wish my cousin can buy the things he need for their business online for I am sure he will not pay much for it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

All Our Bags

…are packed we’re ready to go. Yes, we are going back home in an hour or so. My son’s wound is finally healed. The scar is visible but I don’t mind as the scar will remind him how we tried our best to survive during the super typhoon Yolanda. I know for the fact that the bad memories will always be in our mind and heart as we lost the lives of my older brother and his family.