Sunday, December 14, 2014

Native Instrument

Who would have thought that there is such a native instrument that is available online. For music lover I am pretty sure that having this kind of instrument is a plus. Why I say so? It is because not everyone knows how to play this inatrument. So if you in one way or the other wants to have a native instrument or Native Instruments Komplete 10 to be precise I know where you can find it. What are are you waiting? Have your own native music instrument.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big Thanks

A big thanks to the Provider for making us all safe during typhoon Ruby few days ago. Indeed a lot of people learned thier reason from super typhoon Yolanda. People living in coastal areas did not wait for force evacuation annoucement as they evacuated few days before the typhoon. Preparedness really is a big help to avoid casualties. A day after the typhoon I had to bring my mother to the hospital as she complain of chest pain and difficulty on breathing. I am grateful that all her laboratory results are all fine though her potassium is low but it was treated already. Trully God is good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What is Cosmetology School?

Going to a school that specializes in cosmetology gives you the chance to learn how to work with clients, do their hair and perform other tasks in a salon or barber shop. While many people think that this type of school focuses solely on hair or makeup, it usually includes a number of other things. You can learn how to do manicures, pedicures and facials, how to use machines that fight the signs of aging and how to work with clients of different ages. Before enrolling in one of these schools in your area, make sure you know more about the programs.

Take Specialized Courses

Most schools today offer three different types of programs: cosmetology, barber and esthetics. Esthetics is a relatively new topic that covers skincare. You can take classes that help you identify the type of skin that your clients have and which products and treatments work best for those skin types. Barber programs focus specifically on working with male clients and how to cut the hair of those clients and provide them with other services. A cosmetology program may go over the basics of giving makeovers to clients, doing nails and hair and performing perms and other specialized services.

Gain Experience

A good cosmetology school will provide you with more than just classroom experience. You'll also have the chance to work directly with clients. Many schools partner with local retirement homes and schools to let their students work with clients. Other schools give locals the chance to come in for a hair cut, a facial or another service for a reduced rate. The more time that you spend working with clients, the more experience you gain. Many beauticians and stylists must show a portfolio to prospective clients and employers, and you can use images of the work you did in school as part of your portfolio.

Prepare for Licensing

Most states require that you have between 1,200 and 1,500 hours of experience before you apply for your state license. With the right program and school, you can gain that experience before you graduate. Licensing also requires that you show you attended school and that you can work effectively with potential clients. Ron King Academy and other schools can get you the experience that you need before working with clients on your own, but those schools will also prepare you to work with different types of clients in the future.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Web Hosting

Web Service And Hosting

Web hosting services are available for all businesses and individuals that want to have a web presence. They know that they need to reach out to their readers or customers, but they need to make sure they get hosting from the right place. The best hosting firm is going to make it easy for the business to get the space it needs while still being secure.

The Space

There are many businesses that need a very small space for their site. These businesses can share space on a web server, and they will be able to cut down on costs. There are other businesses that need to have a server dedicated just to their business. These dedicated servers make it much easier for the business to expand when it needs more and more space. This means that the business never has to change servers just because it is growing. It can add more servers, and each of those servers will be just for their content.

The Security

The security protocols for these websites are set up by the host, and they allow the business to remain secure without paying for their own security. The hosting company employs full-time staff who work on security all day long, and they help to make sure each website is safe. The owners of the websites still need to make sure that they are investing in security on their end, but most of the security can be handled by the hosting company itself.

The Pricing

The pricing for this space is rated based on how much the company uses. The best way for a business to save money is to get a good price on a large amount of space. They can save money, but they will still have room to expand when they are trying to grow their business.

Every business that wants to have a web presence needs to make sure it is working with a hosting company. These hosting companies provide all the security, all the space and all the areas that businesses need to make sure that they work with a good hosting firm.

Not Feeling Well

I haven't feeling well since last night. I had allergy attacked that almost lead to asthma but good thing I always make sure I not run out of asthma medicine. Headache and backache was also present. Though I have few tasks in line for this blog and one of it is near due I opt not to blog. I took a break and rest. Now that I feel a bit better I shall work the link assignment before I lost it. On the other hand, for the first time I manage to renew this domain before it expire. Something that never happened since I started blogging.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A great gift for any occasion

If you are looking for some unique gift ideas for the upcoming holiday, or perhaps for a special milestone event such as a housewarming or wedding, there are some fantastic items to consider via online retail venues. One wonderfully-versatile gift that suits many is a distinctive lamp or light fixture. These are useful and functional items, that also bring some character and flair to anyone's home.

When looking at different lamps online, there are some cool modern styles that would suit a young couple or someone who lives in a contemporary apartment or loft. There are some vendors that also offer unique replicas of vintage lights, such as the popular pendant style fixtures, that will give a home a clever, appealing makeover with ease. When browsing this site, it is easy to find gifts that range in cost, which makes it a prudent option on any buying budget.

Give a friend or loved one a great table lamp for their bedroom or family space. Take a look around during a visit to see what their style is and what inspires their home design. Buy something that seems as though it could fit in many different areas of their home, so that they can make the choice to use it where they wish. This is a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come!

Heath Is Wealth

I admit I am such a loser when it comes to losing weight. I am not getting any younger and I know for a fact that I should take good care of my health now that I am in my mid-thirties. I also know that mt life style is not healthy. Although I so want to have a healthy life style I could not simply pursue it for some reason. And, those reasons are just alibi's. If I really want to do it, I will do it no matter what.

As we all know there are lot of ways to have a healthy life. To name a few, eating healthy foods and exercise are the common things to do. There are also lot of exercises to choose from. One of it is yoga. I haven't tried it although I have an idea how it is done as I watch it on television. And honestly, I find it really interesting.  How I wish I could try it one day. I am pretty sure it is fun to do. I also read somewhere that yoga help us to have a heathy heart and correct posture. Lets admit, there are times that we don't bother to check wether our sitting position is good or not. Same goes when we are sleeping. Another thing, yoga need not to be expensive as well. Lucky those who are living in Australia or Perth especifically as you can check out yoga classes in Perth online.

Anyway, if you think your life style is not healthy yet, just like me. I suggest that you start living healthy before its too late. I believe in the saying "health is wealth.".

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My postal identification card expired last July. I have been planning to have it renewed in our town post office but I always forget to visit the post office or I am simply lazy to gather the requirement. I am glad that yesterdat I was in the mode to go out although it was too hot. Well, I need to have a valid identification the soonest posible time so I was actually force to have it renewed. I am not working so getting a valid identification is kinda hard for me. After losing my bag and other important documents during the super typhoon Haiyan I am lazy to acquire the requirements for my passport application. Hopefully, I can start securing the requirement soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gift Ideas, It Is

No doubt, holiday season is fast approaching. I even think that some of you has started looking around for perfect gift ideas for your loved ones. Just in case you are having a hard time deciding on what present to buy the let me give you an idea. If the person loves music then perhaps you should consider buying music related stuff such as vox pathfinder 15r. I heard a friend sharing his experience when he first experience using this amplifier. As what I heard I dont have any doubt that anyone would love to have this gadget.

Congrats Red Thunder!

It was a surprised win for our team. First, most of our pupil team members are coming from the lower grades. Second, we did not do good on the games. But good thing we did good on other events such the team banner, float for our candidates and the cheer competition. The parents, teacher and guardians opt to join the children after seeing other team. Although we did not have our practice we still did a good job. Well, were not taking it seriously actually as it was just a simple routine we are just enjoying and having fun. But anyway, congratulations Red Thunder. The hardwork during the preparation paid off. Now the team should prepare for the upcoming scouting month celebration. If I am right, it will happen this week. So good luck kids!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flaunt Your Talent

Countless of times I admitted here and in my other blogs that I cannot sing the right tune. With this watching singing contest has became a favorite passtime of mine. It is like that frustration in singing is getting less whenevet I hear or saw someone who are good in the craft that I am not good. I really admire thosr who flaunt thier singing talent and joined singing contest on national television like, The Voice. By doing so, they are not just dreaming of having a good life but they also improve thier singing talent. So, if you have the talent flaunt it, be proud of it. There are lots of shows showcasing different talents. Perhaps your time to shine is here already. Join now. And be the next star.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Local Holiday!

My son is enjoying his extended long weekend. Last Friday was thier rest day after the preparation becausr of the school Founding anniversary they sure deserve a break. After sending a message to his adviser teacher on facebook if they a class today and got a negative reply as she dont know if its a holiday in school or not I opt to call the head teacher. Gladly I got a responce few minutes after I call. I'd love to watch a movie with my son but because I run out of budget I will just ask him to review his lesson ahead of time. This week is thier examinatiom werk and next week is thier scouting week. Indeed this month is a busy month fir the little one and his school mates. But I will not deny the fact that the children, teachers, parents and guardians had a blast.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mold Cleaning!

Mold and mildew can damage exterior structures of a home such as the sidings, decks, balconies and patios. Wooden materials might get significantly damaged if such microorganisms are allowed to grow rampantly. Homeowners can take several steps to eliminate and prevent unsightly mold and mildew. Professional power washing services provide effective solutions for thoroughly cleaning exterior surfaces. High-pressure water can penetrate deep into any cracks and openings in different materials such as plastic, wood, metal, and other natural or synthetic textures. Mold and mildew thrive in hard-to-reach areas that are moist and have poor air circulation. Before a power wash, exterior surfaces are treated with soap that penetrates deep into different types of materials. The soaking application is designed to loosen up any dirt, grime and microorganisms that might be physically bonded to surfaces. A burst of high-pressure water then effectively sweeps away all of the debris. After a power wash, a sealant should be applied to provide long-lasting protection. Wooden decks and patios can be covered with several layers of thin coatings that prevent mold and mildew from forming. Additionally, most sealants provide protection against UV rays that could gradually cause wood to fade away in texture. Termite control is also an element of wooden sealants that are designed to last for several seasons. Wooden decks and patios that are infested with bacteria can be treated with a powerful chemical shock that includes chlorine as the main ingredient. After all of the bacteria is effectively killed, special polymers can be applied all over a deck or patio for protection. Deck cleaning and staining solutions can save homeowners thousands of dollars in future remodeling and repair costs. Homeowners should realize that sidewalks, driveways and steps could also be infested with microorganisms. It's important to power wash concrete and stone surfaces on a seasonal basis. Power washing also removes any debris that might be stuck in porous openings of driveways and sidewalks. During the wintertime, such small cracks might enlarge due to freezing temperatures and the accumulation of ice. Sealants should be applied to prevent such problems that might eventually require an entire resurfacing procedure. Tiles around the perimeter of a swimming pool are especially susceptible to algae growth. A distinct green or yellow layer might quickly develop around the edges of a pool's basin. Chemical algaecides can be used to clean infested tiles.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rainy Afternoon!

Just got home from school. Gladly the rain started to fall as soon as we step out from the tricyle. As of this typing the rain drop is down pouring. Hopefully it will stop soon as I am going to the market. I am running out of time as I need to be home before five. My boyfriend will be online then. On the other hand, I am not happy with my online earning. Online opportunity is difficult to grasp these days. Thankfully, I can still earn a little through likes, views and comments. I am talking about an online hub I joined few months ago.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Of Being A Bride

No doubt, ladies are all waiting for that perfect time to walk down the aisle while our man is waiting dashingly at the altar. I would say, to be a bride is a dream come true to all of us, ladies. However there are a lot of things to consider for us to beautiful and elegant on our big day. It is not just having a stylish wedding gown and fabolous make-up. Things like lingerie and robe also matters. Anyway, if you are planning to tie the knot real soon you can find robes and lingerie for a bride here. So what are you waiting for? Be a perfect bride for your groom.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We'd Love To Visit Them

One of my niece will celebrate her birthday this month. My son has been bugging me to visit them on her cousin's birthday. There is no problem about visiting my sister's family the only problem is I dont have much extra money at this moment. Moreso that I have to save for next months contribution because of the school Foundation Day. I know my son will be unhappy as soon asbI tell him we cannot be at his cousins birthday. How I will they are living near us. Anyway, maybe we can visit them during sembreak. Hopefully, I am okay financially then.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Branding a Business with Domain Name Registration

Making a name (brand) known to customers is part of the branding mantra of online business. In comparison to real estate’s often-quoted priority: “Location. Location. Location,” online business gurus and experts stress the affirmation of branding. For most online ventures, branding starts with the domain name

Domain name registration is not about difficulty or ease. Registering domain names involves availability. For every novel concept or innovative idea, most probably someone with a similar idea or concept has entered the fray and hurriedly registered the domain name with the suffix .com, .net, .biz or even .org at its end. Thus, others with similar names are left in the shadow of the originator of the domain name. Much like the patent is to the inventor or the copyright is to the writer, domain names are the hallmark for identifying legal rights for ownership and usage. In many cases, if the domain name sought is already taken, online entrepreneurs and business leaders are forced to return to the drawing board to brainstorm and identify other potential domain names.

There is little guesswork to domain name registration. Essentially, much like naming a business, the domain name serves as an Internet moniker for the business or venture and relates directly to the brand image of the business itself. In most cases, domain names should correlate to the business name, even if the two are not identical, so that customers will come to recognize and associated the two together. Domain names help with the branding process. Domain names help business develop name and brand recognition online as well as through offline promotions and marketing, even advertising.

Registering a domain name requires some thought. Identifying a domain name that both fits a business and its culture as well as stands out from the competition is a good guideline. Oftentimes, businesses will utilize a tagline or key catch phrase that describes the business rather than the name of the business itself. This helps potential customers associate the website with the services or products that the business actually provides to the public. In the branding process, such domain names may utilize a play on words or intricate wording to stand out from the competition vying for the eyes of customers.

A domain registration or web hosting website is typically used for registering a domain name. An example of a site that offers domain name registration services is

Eyeing For A New Laptop

I lost my netbook of three years during typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). I was carrying it in a large bag together with my other gadget when I opt to take off the bag on my shoulder since it is giving a hard time climbing in our roof. And also, its is all wet of sea water. I don't believe it can be fix still. As of now I am only using my phone to blog. I hope I can buy a new laptop or perhaps another netbook so I can comfortably work on my thing online. This dream seemed difficult to find as blogging earning is not good anymore.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barely New But Broken

My nephew told me that thier school principal is planning to organize the school band. So I asked my nephew if they are going to buy new drum as I don't want to buy another drum because the drum I bought was barely new before the school were damage by typhoon Haiyan. Anyway, if you know someone who is musically inclined andbis searching for musical instrument or parts. My recent find will surely a good site to visit. Check orvvisit website for more information.

Monday, August 11, 2014

What A Hot Monday

I am suppose to go somewhere earlier today but the sourging heat of the sun made me stay inside the house. I don't think I can go somewhere and walk for few minutes and wait for another few minutes to get ride. The heat is simply hurting my skin. One more reason why I dont go out in times like this is because I am avoiding to get more tan. I must admit I am tanner now compared before the typhoon hit our town. Anyway, I will go out later to fetch the little one in school. I shall ask his teacher if they rehearsal tomorrow. And if so, I need to know the time.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding the Toolbox that is the Right Fit

When you need a toolbox, it has to be right. Whether you're looking for something portable, something that can fit a large collection of tools, or a top chest to accompany what you already have. A toolbox is an essential piece of equipment that should complement any garage. Click here and you can see a broad range of toolboxes, helping you to find the one that makes you say, "Yes!"

A Toolbox to Suit Every Purpose
Top chests are versatile, coming in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Whether you simply need a little more space or you want something that can be portable, take a look at all of your options for toolboxes that you can place on top of the rest. Chances are, your top chest will be the tool box that you count on the most. It's the ideal place to put all of your go-to tools, anything that you rely on most.

Find an Assortment of Toolboxes that Will Work For You
In addition to a top chest, you will find a wide selection of tool boxes that vary in size, height, and capacity. Your tool box should be an investment. It is going to take care of your tools, essential equipment in the life of anyone who works on vehicles, repairs, and do-it-yourself jobs. Your tools should be organized and arranged in such a way that you will always know where to find what you're looking for to get the job done.

Consider Your Options
Before you make a final selection, consider all of your alternatives. Think about what you need, compare prices, and choose the tool box that will make your garage complete. Whether you a comprehensive, combination set, a hutch, a roller cabinet, a side box, or think a top chest will do the trick, never settle for less. When you know what you want and know about all of your options, you will be able to find the best tool box at the right price. When you need something that is durable and flexible when it comes to fitting into your garage, be selective. When you choose wisely, you'll have a toolbox that is built to last. As your garage grows and your collection of tools is bursting, you can always pick up a new direction. A new top chest could be the perfect addition.

Friday, July 25, 2014


So I am given another task to work on for this blog. I admit my earning for the past couple of months is not good compared to my earning before but I am still thankful to the provider HE continue to blessed me. I do hope that earninh will get better as I plan to update my blog in a regular basis. I know I already promised countless of times already but this time I aim to do it. On the other hand, I am working hard writing article in another writing hub. Hopefully I can reach the minimum payout before the end of the month.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Business Establishment

Eight months after my super typhoon Haiyan brought damage to my beloved town I noticed that there are new business establishments are starting operating. Most of it is restaubars, too bad I havent visited any of it but hopefully soon. I also saw few stores that sell school school and office supplies. I havent seen any store for wholesale jewelry, just yet. Oh well, perhaps I will see one if the plan of building a mall in town will push through. For now, I shall be happy that ny towm is already recovering so as the people after a horible experience.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quick Update In A Gloomy Thursday

So you may wonder what I have been doing in the past couple of weeks sincebI haven't been upating any of my blog. The reason of my sudden hiatus is because I lost my mojo to blog at one point. I could not login to my all time pay to blog website because I forgot my new password.

I am glad that after more than a month I finally had my password reset. It was a long wait I even thought I could not login back. Now, I have to work on link removals and one task. Haist.. I hope I will get some more task soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Making the Most of Your Home's Space

As a homeowner, there is a lot that you can do to make your home seem bigger than it is. Making the most of your available square footage can transform a tiny house into a house that can comfortably fit your entire family no matter how large it is. If you like to have guests over for dinner or drinks, making the most of your space allows you to entertain in comfort and style on almost any budget.

Use Space Under a Deck

If you have a raised deck, you will have space under the deck that you may consider to be unusable. However, with some creative design work, you can add a new room or turn it into a covered space where guests can mingle in the shade on a hot day or when it starts to rain. When done correctly, this can add value to your home and make it more interesting to buyers if you are trying to sell your property.

Finish the Basement

No matter where you live, you can finish a basement and add more living space to your home. A finished basement can be used as a family room or as an income suite that you can rent to tenants or rent out to your young adult or adult children who need someplace inexpensive to live. It can also be used as a playroom or a quiet place where mom and dad can get work done or the kids can get their homework done.

Finish the Attic

An attic is generally considered to be a place where old items gather dust. For those who want to maximize their living space, they can finish the attic and turn it into another bedroom. If the attic is big enough, it may qualify to be a studio apartment that can then be rented out for extra cash to help pay the mortgage.

A homeowner can do whatever he or she wants to his or her property as long as it meets zoning regulations and HOA rules if applicable. With the help of a home designing company, you can create pergola designs and create other features that will add value and make it easier to live in your home if you have a growing family.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Missing In Action!

As you have noticed I haven't been missing in action from the blogging world for the past couple of weeks. Not because I am busy on writing articles in my newly found means to earn online.

The main reason why I am not in the mood to blog is because until now I haven't recieved any reply from my all time paybto blog site. I could not remember the password I entered when I update my password three weeks ago. With this I could not login to my dashboard. And since blogging is getting slow these days I feel bad losing the task I am suppose to get from this site.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Early Christmas Shopping

I have mentioned in many occassion that Christmasbia my favorite season. I am certain my boyfriend will not call me Christmas girl for nothing. I know its too early to talk about Christmas but I could not help myself from talking more especially that I get to have a chance to talk about it.

Anyway, as you all know we were hit by the strongest typhoon that made landfall in the history before Christmas. Hence I want to enjoy the Christmas spirit for a longer time I decided to start putting back our Christmas decor a day after the All Souls Day. But because if typhoon Yolanda all our Christmas decor ruined, some of it were carried away by the strong current of the sea water away from our home.

Though we don't have Christmas decor on Christmas Day and hundreds of families are only living in evacuation centers and tent I still saw some families prepared foods. As for me, aside from preparing food for the family I also bought candies for the children. Inspite of the problems we are facing I feel like the spirit of Christmas should not be taken for granted.

Hence there are lots of home owners has not just lost thier homes but also home appliances, kitchen wares, Christmas decors and a lot more. I am certain that next holiday season a lot of people will start buying new Christmas trees and and other Christmas decoration. No doubt I am one of them. Gladly, a friend told me about Christmas Lights, Etc. I am considering on visiting the sites before the next holiday season. Hoping I can find cheap decorations. Oh well, if money is not an issue I am sure I will start shopping Christmas decoration early so I will have ample of time choosing which to buy. How about you? Are you planning to buy new decoration? If so do visit the link I shared above.

No Update Here

I'm such a bad blogger for not posting an update here and in my other. Though I really want to post an update at the end of the day I always end of not posting any update. The reason is because I am very disappointed. I could not login to my all time favorite pay to blog site because I forgot my new password. I already send an email twice on how I can recover my password since the email I use to login has been block. I am hoping that I can solve this problem soon so I can login to my dashboard again.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Natural Vitamins for Children's Health

With children today having schedules that are just as busy at their parents’ daily lives, it is little wonder that moms and dads sometimes worry about whether or not their kids are getting enough nutrients in their daily diets. When they cannot sit down to a full meal and must eat on the go, parents can still make sure their children are getting the nutrients they need to grow by giving them natural children's vitamins and minerals. When they give their kids supplements that are shaped like fun animals and flavored with natural fruit flavors, parents can avoid the worry that their children will refuse to take their vitamins or go without the nutrients these supplements supply.

While many forms of these supplements can be found in discount stores and big box retailers, these counterparts often contain harsh ingredients that provide little sustenance for young individuals. Parents who want to avoid giving their children artificial colors, harsh chemicals, and useless fillers may instead consider those options that are natural and safe to give on a daily basis. This natural vitamin choice gives kids what they need to grow healthy and strong without bothering their stomachs with fillers, additives, and dyes that overall provide no benefit.

If they have little time to shop in their favorite health stores, parents can get the vitamins they need by shopping online. They can use the information on the site to discover which supplement choice is best for them, their children, their budget, and lifestyle.

I Did It Finally

Yesterday was a busy day at my end. I planned to go to the city early but because the rain started to poured before I left the house it was a bit late when I arrived at the city. My first stopped was picked up the money that my hoyfriend sent. Then after I am torn in between going to the dentist or to the salon. I opted to look for a dental clinic while I am on my way to the city proper and decided to visit a dentist. I am not satisfied with my choosen dentist but for now I shall settle for it. I only hope that my dentist in town will resume her clinic soon. From the dental clinic I go directly to my favorite salon to pamper my nails.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Easy Way to Start an Online Commerce Website

If you have dreamed of starting your own online ecommerce business but haven't figured out just how to get started, there are many companies that can help you get started and more. One example of a company that can help you learn the basics of ecommerce is 1 Shopping Cart. This type of company is available to help you design, start and run your online business.

Besides having a product in which you believe, the first thing you need to do is design your website to make it appealing to your target customers. Just like you would want to create and maintain an attractive brick and mortar store, you want to create a store that makes your prospective customers happy to visit. Creating a store that is pleasing to the eye with bright colors, easy to navigate and even easier to make purchases is the foundation of your business. Showing your products in a positive setting is half the battle in making sales.

The design company you choose will help you by making it simple for you to offer your customers flexible product options, which includes personalizing products such as clothing by providing drop-down boxes to select their product color or size. Your design company will also make it possible for you to give your customers several view options of the product. They can look at the product in 360 degrees view as well as zoom in for more detail.

Since so many potential customers for your business rely on their smartphone or tablet, it is important to mobilize your website, which might prove somewhat challenging if you had to do it on your own, but when you find a comprehensive ecommerce design company, they can help you with this important part of your website's design. You won't have to worry about missing out on sales from customers who live life on-the-go.

Instant store updates makes it easy for you to add or delete merchandise. You can also let customers know if you are temporarily out of stock and when the product will become available again.

Help your customers check out with ease to keep them coming back again and again. Sometimes, if checking out becomes too complex or time-consuming for customers, they don't even finish the current sale, much less return for additional business. The right website design company can help make sure you don't miss a current or future sale due to issues with checking out.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Bro

It's been more than five months since your sudden death. I can still vividly remember our last conversation. It was Thursday night when you dropped by at home from your work. I was telling you to keep your family safe and come back with your family but you answered me with a joke.
I still wish you followed us. You and your family has a greater chances of surviving if ever. But it didn't happened. As of this typing all we can do is offered prayer and accept the fact that we will not forever see you. As you celebrate your 38th birthday today I wish that you are having a good time with Papa God together with your family. Happy birthday Mano Paul. We miss and we love you.

Deprivation and Meditation: Sudden Flight Series at the Picasso Abstract Painter Chiqui Rodriguez

Filipino abstract painter, Chiqui Rodriguez announces her major new series entitled SUDDEN FLIGHT, her solo show to be held in Zurich by late summer will have its preview opening in a two-man show at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, hosted by Altromondo Gallery on 22 May 2014 and continuing through 18 July 2014.

The 15 selected paintings from a total of over 100 works that comprise the SUDDEN FLIGHT series, awash in vibrant color, are sure to dazzle visitors to the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences. Chiqui’s unique approach to blending acrylic pigments on canvas creates gem-like surfaces. Peering through the surface to what is depicted below, the viewer realizes that all is not as glowing as it first appears. Chiqui is noted for her deep abstraction of complex realism.

Chiqui also explores a complex subject; her work calls attention to our culture’s thought of hardwork. Much of Chiqui’s artwork is influenced by her experience in the corporate world. Through this new body of work, she connects hardwork to social class as a form of meditation.

Says Chiqui of her SUDDEN FLIGHT series, “I was inspired by my short trip to Brussels after a show held in Berlin in 2013. I arrived with the intent of finding an artist who would be willing to collaborate with me in my upcoming projects, so I started to look around. Instead of finding an artist, I found some Filipinos who work around the city. My interaction with them in a different environment led to varied conversations about how challenging life is to be away from their love ones but nevertheless find solace knowing that their families benefit from their sacrifice. I started on my e-sketchpad and started to express my thoughts after this encounter. The title 'Sudden Flight' refers to several layers of meaning: sudden burst of happiness, excitement as reaching out lives of far-flung Filipinos extending compassion, a moment of bliss.”

The show plans to bring forward awareness on the inner thoughts of Overseas Filipino Workers.

About the Artist:

Copy of Chiqui Rodriguez Sudden Flight preview edited Chiqui Rodriguez enjoys telling people how she started as an artist. It kicked-off one morning discussing the paintings she had been working on back in 2003 while having coffee with her long-time confidante.

Fearful that she did not finish a BFA degree, she was nevertheless encouraged to share her work publicly because painting has been her hobby since she was six. Through her renewed confidence and the opportunity entrusted in her, she learned that she can do anything to cultivate her art. With this experience, she believed that she can also inspire others that everything is possible if you put your heart into it. Chiqui went on to develop her signature painting style since then. The politically motivated environment of the Philippines and her adventures while traveling between Asia Pacific and Europe molded her ideals of optimism, hope and internal happiness. The first of five series from her upcoming exhibition “Sudden Flight” is now viewable through and Saatchi Art. While the Manila preview of the fourth series is on 29 May 2014 at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences hosted by Altromondo Gallery (

Chiqui continues to research on cultural entrepreneurship in developing countries like the Philippines and remains active in various social causes.

For more information and high-resolution images contact:

Chiqui Rodriguez

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On Sexy Lingerie

I admit at the age of 30 something I still want to experience wearing sexy lingerie at night. I am sharing my room with my mom and my little big boy so wearing sexy thing at night is a NO NO, my little big boy will certainly complain :-). Anyway, for those who are in a look out for huge selection of lingerie then perhaps you can click here for lingerie. I visited the site and I found few of my liking however I cant wear them now so I will just be happy on looking at them.

I'm Pretty Busy On Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone, I missed posting an update here for more than a week. Yours truly has been busy offline and well I often feel lazy to blog everytime I get to have a chance to blog- that is my reason why this blog along with my other blogs has been idle. I almost forgot that I still have tasks to work on that needs my attention. On the other note, its quite here. My mom is at my younger sister's place to get some documents while my son is spending his summer vacation in Cebu. Hopefully, I will be productive and take the opportunity to do what I need to do online.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Add Lighting Fixtures To Beautify Your Home

Many homeowners think about how they can change their existing landscaping and how they can add plenty of value to their homes without investing the expense that most renovations require. The easiest and most convenient way is by adding some outdoor lighting fixtures. By simply emphasizing the most important parts of your yard, you add curb appeal to the outside of your home, and you can easily raise the home value.

If the front of your home has a fountain or quaint garden, its best to focus on these areas with outdoor lighting fixtures that cast light downward. For an aesthetic appeal, a footpath is emphasized with the use of outdoor lights. You can use outdoor lighting to create nice layers of illumination for porches, decks, outdoor patios, benches for stargazing and outdoor seating areas. Selecting the most appropriate fixtures is done by considering design, efficiency, aesthetic appeal and color. Every home is different, and every homeowner has their own creative mindset. Some people want outdoor lighting fixtures to fit in well with the monochromatic outside of their home, and others want complementary designs and colors. You can also find wrought designs for special lighting fixtures or intricate lamps with shades that will send the artificial light in a downward direction.

The most effective way to decide which lighting system works best for your home is by hiring a professional lighting company, like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and other lighting companies. A lighting professional evaluates which parts of the yard need emphasizing as well as the right amount of light to ensure the neighbors aren’t disturbed and that no glare occurs. When you hire a professional lighting company, you can look at personal photometric plans, designs of different lighting plans and the prepared draft of the fixtures necessary to create the best light in your home. Having too little or too much light should be avoided. By using the recommendation of a professional designer, you can find effective, cost-efficient plans for your lighting needs.

If you already have a lighting plan, lighting professionals can use that plan along the blueprints to your home to create a beautiful lighting system that suits your needs.

Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine.

Thankful and Grateful

Yay! What a way to end the month of March and to start the month of April. Few days ago, I received an email from someone who is connected to an online store and one of the largest online store in the country these days. After exchanging emails I finally close the deal yesterday. I could not wait for my cash voucher and start shopping online. After most of my stuff was taken away and ruined by sea water when the strongest typhoon made landfall in our town few months ago. So the collaboration offer is timely as I need to shop. The cash voucher is a big help, really. As early as now, I started browsing the site. In fact I already have two items in my bag. I plan to check back the site later today and see what else to buy.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Shop Your Chic And Fabolous Dress Online

Online shopping is becoming a hit in the country these days. I remember few years ago, I was hesitant to pay my first purchased online. I have to think many times before I decided to pay the item I want. Luckily, my first online shopping was a success. I received the item without any hassle and the product is perfect. I figured, you just have to make sure that the seller is trusted.

Talking about online shopping, I bet you guys have heard about Zalora.

If not, Zalora is one of the largest online retailers in the Philippines and other Asian countries. They offer wide selection of branded and fashionable dresses at Zalora, tops, shoes, bags, jewelries and much more. They also offer clothing, shoes and apparrel for men. Now, that I have found Zalora, a trusted online store in the country, there is no doubt that my online shopping experience will be exciting and hassle free. I will also get rid of asthma attack every time I need to shop especially on holiday season.

Talking about fashionable dresses, do you find the dresses on the picture fashionable and chic. My friend want to buy a dress semilar on the picture but she is not convince if the style is superb.

By the way, she got the pictures in an online store that her friend recommend. It will be her first online shopping experience if ever she decide to buy any of the dress in the photo.

If you haven't experience shopping online then I guess its high time you try it now just like my friend. There are hundreds of online store to check out there.

Friday, March 28, 2014

No Blog Traffic

I've mentioned in some occasions that I am using my phone to work on my thing online. With this, I know for a fact that I could not do what I usually do online before I lost my netbook almost five months ago. For instance, I could not join the daily blog hop as I could not install alexa software in my browser. I haven't check my alexa rank yet and I dont have plan of checking it in the near future. I know my alexa ranking is not good as I haven't generating good traffic for few months already. How I wish I can go back to blogging in full force but I don't have enough money to buy a new laptop as of this typing.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Optimize Your Content

These days, it isn't good enough to simply create content and have tons of traffic come to your site. Instead, you have to optimize that content, share it with others and hope that you can have it go viral. If you are just starting a new blog or website, it may be a good idea to go on a promotional tour to help your site gain some visibility.

How to Choose Keywords

The first thing that you should do before starting a site is choose the keywords that you want to target. Which words do you think people are going to use when searching for your site? While you don't have to get the keywords exactly right, you should use those words as a basis for your content. Ideally, you will use your desired keywords once for every 100 words that you write. Getting Your Content to go Viral

How do you get your content to go viral?

The best way is to create content that lends itself to being shared. Lists, quotes and other content that is easy to digest will tend to get shared more than a post that is full of text. Infographics are great for those who are looking for their content to go viral to increase awareness of your site. You also want to make sure that you are creating follower lists on social media of people who are actually interested in an engaged with your content. Otherwise, there is less of a chance that people will want to share your content.

How to Optimize Your Content

Are you looking for ways to optimize your content to help it get found by those on search engines or social media in an organic way? Aside from keywords, using correct title tags as well as meta descriptions can go a long way. A title tag is a H1 through H6 tag that helps a search engine determine how your site is structured.

A local SEO services company may be able to help your company optimize content to expose it to as wide an audience as possible. When your content gets in front of more people, it can make it easier to convert those visitors into customers or loyal followers of your brand. Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Afraid of Heavy Rain and Strong Wind

Almost five months after the devastating super typhoon my son seem not to overcome his fear. He became aware of the wind direction and weather forecast. For two days the wind blows a a bit strong. The sound of our temporary roof in the kitchen and it bothers my son. Everytime the wind blows above its normal strength my son will hide under the blanket and cry. He is afraid of what happened to us when we were lambasted by Yolanda might happen again. I always pray that my son will overcome this fear. I know it will not be easy because we almost lost our lives when the sea water almost reach our cieling in less than a minute. Luckily we all manage to go up. So we all survive. With this expirience, its not surprising that my son is afraid of strong wind and heavy rain.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When We Will Get Hitched

I only have few whom I can really call real friends and most of them are my college friends. You may find it ironic, but in my circles of real friends three of them are single parent like me. One of them is a widow with two kids but gladly three of my friends are happily married, lol. And oh! I also have a good friend who have been working abroad for many years now and she is single. Lastly I have two more friends that are single and it seemed that finding love is not in thier list of priority since they choose to help thier family. And hence most of us are single, we often asked each other if there is a right man that are meant for us. A man who will accept us whole heartedly and will accept our child(ren) as thier own.

We are on our mid-thirties but we are not losing our hope that one day, in Gods time we will also walk down the aisle. But if not, we will surely be happy with our children and will live happy and contented. BUt then again, if someone comes along (who deserves our love and affection) and will ask for our hands, there is no doubt that we will accept the offet. Hahaha..Who doesn't want a wedding, anyway? We all want and dream it, right?

Wedding, is so far the most planned event for couples who are tying the knot. It is daunting at times especially if you will think the huge preparations that come with it. Lucky those that can afford to hire professional wedding planners to take of the hard work for them. However, for couples who has a tight budget you can make things less stress and daunting. Just imagine the excitememt that you're going to fell when you start scounting for affordable wedding gowns, Flower Girl Dresses and other things needed in a wedding. You never know you will also find Maternity Dresses along the way. Hehehe... But dont get too excited on the maternity dresses as you might forget that you still need to buy shoe for your wedding. Finding that perfect shoe from wide selection of Wedding Shoes is not easy. To those you are tying the knot real soon I suggest you to check out, its a one stop online store for your wedding needs.

To my friends, lets have faith and trust the man above. We never know we will also experience the stress and excitement in preparing a wedding.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hitting The Hay Soon

It's few minutes passed eight in the evening yet I getting sleepy. This is not the usual time that I usually go tp sleep so I can say this is not so me, lol. Back then I usually go to be before midnight or past midnight but that was before when I still have my effecient netbook and fast internet connection.

As I type this blog post I am already lying in bed. I will dose off as soon as I publish this blog post. I am hoping that I will be motivated to blog tomorrow morning as I need to compose two more blog post of 300 words. Truly creating three blog post of the same topic is not easy. I am not complaining as I've been praying for online blessings.

Good night to all!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Haven't Experience

As you may have noticed by now I have confessed many times that I am not a mudic lover type of person but it never cross my mind to stop talking about mudic or to listening to my favorite songs. I never experience how a great esp bass play just yet but I know some of my blogger friends have experienced listening to this thing. And I really hope I get to hold a real one in the near future. To hope is the only thing I csn do for now.

Monday, February 24, 2014

On Internet Connection

I do not know if I have mentioned here or on my other blog that I am only using portable wifi since my previous internet provider haven't started restoring the cables that was ruined after super typhoon Yolanda hit our town. With this I dont believe that the company will start reconneting our telephone and internet connection. As of know I am using Globe Tattoo prepaid hence Smart Bro (postpaid) is not working in our town. I am considering on going to Smart Center to disconnect my Smart Bro Postpaid while I cannot use it. I do not want to spend my money for nothing. As for niw I shall be happy of what Globe Tattoo can offer.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Missing Guitar

I have mentioned in my previous blog post that my nephew found a guitar in the our backyard right after the typhoon Yolanda left our town. Few days ago I noticed that my nephew is not playing the guitar anymore. Well, I actually didn't see the guitar in our room. I was about to ask my nephew yesterday buy I forgot to ask him. I hope that the guitar is still working good and that my nephew didn't lost it. I know that a good quality guitar can be expensive just like the fender 51 at guitar center. I am sure using the finest music instrument is good.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's More Than 100 Days

I know I have mentioned in my other blog that I will focus on the good side of the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda. But I could not stop myself to stop thinking of the what had happened. The more that I could not avoid thinking and missing my brother and his children. Every time I remember I could not help but cry. Moving on is so difficult because we know they could have survive the seawater only if they stayed with us instead of staying staying in the house of my Aunt. Amyway, they are with our creator now. I shall try to accept the fact that they will be gone forever and that we only be holding of their memories forever.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Girls Loves To (window) Shop

Hence I don't have a lot of extra money to spend for shopping I usually end up roaming around the mall (window shopping? And I know for a fact that I am not the only one who do a lot of window shopping, let's be honest, girls love to look around and see those stunning and brilliant designer at the jewelry store is not an exemption. I plead guilty as charge for there are times that I dropped by at the jewelry store although I don't have any plan of getting a piece of jewelry. I could not help but be stunned whenever I saw those stunning pieces especially those that are made of diamond.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Updating Using My Mobile Phone

Oh yeah! It's been more than a week since my last update here and in my other blogs. Gladly I bump someone in school who is using Globe Tattoo, I asked if I can connect using her internet connection to see if I can open a website and connect to skype and viola I was able to login to skype and email. I remember I have a Globe Tattoo simcard, I registered to a five days internet connection hoping that I can use my pocket wifi in surfing the net. So here I am blogging from the comfort of our home, not the usual but at least I won't be spending too much money in travelling to talk to my boyfriend and blog. I only hope the signal will always be this good so I can update my blog regularly. I can also do my tasks as soon as it is assigned to me. No more worries that I will lost another batch of tasks.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recorded Songs

When I attended the mass two weeks ago I was seated near the choir. I noticed that the man is not playing his piano when the choir needs to sing. I figured the song they are going to sing were already recorded. I wonder if the man who own the piano also own an rc-30 at musicians friend. If so, I will not be a surprised because they are a family of singer. In fact they have a good quality of music instruments and speaker.

Truly, if you are into musical instrument and gadget you can distinguish a good one.

Ideas Keep Pouring Please

What I really hate when I am blogging from the internet café is I have a very limited time. Normally I can write a short blog post in less than ten minutes, that is if I am in mood to write and ideas are over flowing. However, if the ideas I have in mind is difficult to put into writing that is the time that composing a blog post is impossible or it will take me longer time to finish a blog post.

I am thankful that ideas keep on pouring as of this typing so I continue tapping the keyboard. I also need to work as fast as I can because I am running out of time again. I need to go back home in less than an hour. Haist.. I really miss blogging and the things I do when I still have a decent internet connection and netbook.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Safety Your Musical Instrument

Do you own a guitar? Or do you take an extra effort to make sure that your instrument is safe and away from any danger? For professional singers even those who are not singing professionally making their guitar and other musical instruments are very important. So if you notice that the case of your instrument is not in good condition it’s high time that you get a new one. You can get electric soft guitar cases at guitar centerin a reasonable price. So why let your instruments hanging in the corner without making it safe when you can do something to make sure it won’t get any scratch or damage.

Slowly Recovering

Almost three months after the typhoon, people in our place are starting to stand and continue living. We may have lost some of our loved ones but life must go on, we most move forward. Some of the wounded victim are still recovering and nursing their wounds. I am happy and thankful that my son’s wound is finally healed. Although the scar he will always remind us what we did when we tried to escape from the fast rising seawater.

At one time, I thought of buying him a cream to get rid of the scar but at the last minute I choose not to apply any cream that will help fade the scar. His scar will also remind us how blessed and lucky we are for we survived and we were given another chance to live.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Buy Musical Instrument Online

There is no doubt that shopping clothes online is big hit these days. Who have thought that buying music instrument online will become a big hit as well? I didn’t thought of that until I came across this website that sells wide selection of music instrument online. So if you know someone who is planning to buy a musical instrument then I urge you to buy b3 guitars at musicians friend. Music instrument from this online store is made of good and high quality.

Miss Blog Hopping

If there is one thing I miss doing online it is visiting other blog and commenting on the post. Before the devastating typhoon landfall to our Province I am an active member of a group were the members are task to visit other member’s blog and leave a comments. It’s more than two months since the last time I join the weekly exchange comment and I really miss it.

In fact, it’s been a decade that I haven’t building a good traffic in all of my blogs. I really hope I will have my internet connection back at home so I can go back to my normal blogging routine. I plan to visit the office of my internet provider tomorrow or the next day. I am hoping to get a positive response on when to get my internet at home.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is Lasik Procedure Safe

King LASIK The Price of Sight Infographic 600px
Presented By King Lasik

At The Internet Cafe Working

Yes, I am finally able to apply for an internet plan today. Hopefully, the signal is good when I get home. A friend of mine who is using the same internet provider advised me to choose the same internet provider she is using. I tried using it before living the wireless company where I applied and it works fine. Anyway, I am here in the internet café working on my backlogs.

I have few tasks to work on that will expire in dew days. I am going to try blogging using my phone when I get home if my internet connection permits me to do so.

Workholding Supplies

One thing is for sure a lot of people in my place will need what is available in this page. I am actually surprised if my cousin who is running their family business will need this thing. I only hope he can find a store that is not taking advantage of the situation as I found out some store owner increased the prices of their product after typhoon Yolanda.

I wish my cousin can buy the things he need for their business online for I am sure he will not pay much for it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

All Our Bags

…are packed we’re ready to go. Yes, we are going back home in an hour or so. My son’s wound is finally healed. The scar is visible but I don’t mind as the scar will remind him how we tried our best to survive during the super typhoon Yolanda. I know for the fact that the bad memories will always be in our mind and heart as we lost the lives of my older brother and his family.