Monday, November 4, 2013

Switch To Swish Mouthwash

Yet another late post.

Whether we admit it or not there are times that we are not really keen with it comes to our oral hygiene. Unfortunately I am one of those who really don’t give much of my teeth when I was younger. I was already a teenager when I started to noticed that my teeth are not as perfect as my other friends. I envy them for a having perfectly white teeth when they smile.

Dental floss and mouthwash is not commonly use in the family. I could not content my excitement when I got an opportunity to try Swish Mouthwash for free. I was excited when I received that the Unilab sent to me. The sampler pack consists of 250ML Swish Mouthwash in Mangosteen Mint flavored, Swish Breath Arctic Chill, pouch and a CD.

As soon as I received the pack I immediately poured a portion of Swish Mouthwash to the little cup that serves as the cover also. I tried to gargle it for 30 seconds, I followed the instruction at the back of the bottle. The burning sensation is bearable compared to other mouthwash that I have tried before. After gargling for 30 seconds I feel like I can talk to anyone without worrying if my mouth smells awful or not. Truly Swish Mouthwash gives a long lasting fresh breath.

As for the Swish Breath Arctic Chill, it becomes my constant companion. I bring it anywhere I go most especially if will having my lunch in the city. Anyway, if you haven’t tried the product you should try it. You can visit their facebook page for more information.

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