Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy Online and Offline

Apologize from not updating here and my other blogs. Yours truly has been busy with her newly found avenue to earn online. Most of my time is spent in the site, posting articles, reading, commenting and liking other posts is what I am doing. In less than a week I already cash out my first redemption. It takes 72 hours to process the payment before I’ll have it on my paypal. By the way, the payment is e-check so have to wait for another few days before I will actually have the amount in my paypal account. Oh well, I am willing to wait.

Apart from being busy with my online thing, I’ve been busy offline as well. I forget to mention in any of my blog that my son J, attended a two days scouting camping. And as you all know, I always try my best to be with him or at least check him regularly.

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