Thursday, August 29, 2013

Productive Morning!

Yesterday, I was in the city to buy something for my J for their program tomorrow. I wanted to watch a movie but when I am about to fall in the late to buy the ticket I decided to watch next time. I remember its Wednesday and I need to bring J to his favorite salon for his haircut. Few days ago, I noticed that he needs to have his haircut. I sometimes wonder why his hair grows so fast as he do his hair in a monthly basis.

Anyway, I started my day early. I smile from ear to ear when I open my inbox as I have an e-mail for a pay to blog site. I’ve been getting copy paste tasks for this site lately. I didn’t get anything during last pay day so I am trying to impress the advertiser by publishing their post as soon as I get them.

I will be posting random post in my other blog today as tomorrow is a busy day for me. I will be in school to watch the program and of course take pictures.

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