Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Negative Feeling

For some, writing negative vibes or feeling in their blog is a big NO. But for me, I share whatever I want to share this is my so called place in the World Wide Web anyway. But as much as possible I put limitation on what I can really share to my visitors and readers. I guess the reason why I have this negative feeling is that I and the boyfriend had a misunderstanding that we haven’t fix as of this typing which in one way or another is one of the reason why I am not feeling well.

Anyway, I shall get rid of this feeling so I will be fine soon. I know I and the boyfriend will soon fix our misunderstanding just like before. We have been in this kind of situation many times but still we are still together. Having a long distance relationship is certainly not an easy feat but we manage to fight and maintain our relationship for over six years now.

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