Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy It's Weekend

Woot! After having five to six hours of sleep from Monday till Friday I finally had a chance to sleep eight hours. It’s weekend, so I don’t need to wake up early to prepare breakfast for J and L. The boyfriend also needs to run an errand for his daughter so we didn’t talk much last night. I was in fact very sleepy when he called up for chat, and I keep on yawning while talking to him, I know it’s not a good sight to see but the boyfriend is so good that he will just laugh at me.

Although it is a weekend it doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to do. Well you’re wrong, as I have some tasks from my favorite pay to blog site that needs my attention. Aside from that, I also have few tasks on another pay to blog sites. Hopefully, I will not be tempted to play much online.

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