Friday, June 21, 2013

Game 7: NBA Finals, Go Heat!

In few minutes the game seven of NBA finals will start, my brother is already sitting in front of the television and I will join him in a while. I am certain that a lot of Spurs and Heat fans out there are all excited and giddy to cheer their favorite team.

Honestly I am not really a diehard fan of basketball but I get to watch it when I get a chance and when the game is exciting. And although I find Duncan handsome I am still a Miami Heat fan :-). I missed watching the previous games and if ever I get a chance to watch I don’t want the whole game. But for some reasons I watched the game 6 with giddiness, for a moment I thought that my team- the Miami Heat will lost the game but thank goodness as Allen did the three point shoot.

Today, I am keeping my finger cross that my team will win the game. Good luck and go Heat!

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