Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bye Summer Hello School!!

Today is officially the last day of summer vacation for my son and my nephew. The regular classes started last Monday but because my son and nephew are in the private institution they will have their first day of school tomorrow. Everything is set as I have readied their school things few weeks ago. I have one problem though as the little one gain much during the summer vacation. His old uniform doesn’t fit him and I need to shop for good clothing as some of his good clothes are way too small for his size of this typing.

Haist, I pity the boyfriend as he has spent quite a lot for the past couple of weeks. He is the one who bought everything for the two boys, shoes for my two nieces and some school things for my other niece. I know, I cannot thank him enough for without him I will surely have a hard time buying the needs of the kids.

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