Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recovering From Illness

The little one have been having fever for four days, already. So yesterday, I decided to visit a doctor after the fever comes back for him to have a proper medication. He was given an antibiotic for his cough and anti-allergy for his colds. I continue to give him his fever medicine which is Tempra Forte. So far, he don’t have fever since last night and I hope he continue to get better.

As of this typing, y mom is on her way to my younger sister’s place. The plan was to go with her today but because the little one is not yet fully recover I decided not to go there today. Hopefully, we can tomorrow, if not we will miss the fiesta and the baptism of my nephew.

For now, I shall do my thing online so I will not miss anything tomorrow if ever we will go to visit the family of sister.

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