Monday, May 20, 2013

Honesty Is The Best Policy

I am an active member of two groups who aim to help each other on building a good traffic for a year now. I am religiously dropping all the participants may it a daily basis or a weekly basis. There are even times that I stay up until wee hour just to finish visiting all the blogs.

Honestly is the best tool that each member should have especially in alexa hop for the blogger is not advice to leave a comment. I moderate each comment I receive so I can check each bloggers who visited my blog and leave her/his comment. I even had a list of blogger who failed to comment when my other blog had problem with my hosting provider last week and let those bloggers knew that they owe me two comments last week as for them to know it. I am glad that most of the blogger commented on my blog twice.

Joining this kind of blog traffic surely need a lot of time and effort and more important honesty. Following the rules is a must. But how do you feel if you will bump to a kind blogger who seems not to care whether she/he followed the rule or not, in spite of leaving a comment in the group about not receiving his/her comments she/he not do anything about it. I find it unfair to those who are honest and leave comments religiously to each participant.

Anyway, just a saying of what is in my thoughts about comment exchange.

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Maria Rizalina said...

You can really gain a lot with comments exchange because some advertisers view that you are doing well regarding readership. But sometimes it's a pain. Not because people mean to forget your blog but by experience something will always come up and you have to prioritize. But it's not an excuse to not return the favor. Sometimes I feel shy asking them to comment back and I don't want to annoy them. But you are also right, it is unfair that other people are not giving their share of the effort.