Friday, May 10, 2013

Eco-friendly Cleaning Equipment

One thing that I don't really like about summer time is that I am frequently bothered by allergies. I know the dust that is scattered around the house is the culprit as to why I always have allergies. With this being the case, I figured it is this time of the year where cleaning and dusting are necessary. However I admit that I am the type of person who is not really fond of cleaning. I usually ask my younger sister to do the cleaning or ask one of my cousins.
Speaking of which, we all know that it is not just our home that needs to be cleaned. There are many other things in our surroundings, office, and even the things we normally use at home or in our work station. More and more people these days are using the latest innovation in technology for cleaning, especially when cleaning equipment. Gone are the days when employees do manual cleaning on the equipment they use. People are becoming innovative and more concerned about our environment as well. So lots of companies are already using the newest trend in cleaning that is environment friendly.
Have you heard about dry ice blasting equipment? If not, then I will share few important things about this cleaning equipment. I read somewhere that this cleaning equipment doesn’t use those harmful chemicals or solvents, so it is entirely non-toxic, which is why is normally used in the food industry as well as manufacturing. It removes paint/varnish, oil, grease, tar, bitumen, dirt, ink, resin, adhesives, wax, binders and solvents and much more, including harmful bacteria.

So if you are in need of eco-friendly cleaning equipment I encourage you to check out IceTech's website. They have products to view for those who are on the lookout for cleaning equipment. Dry ice blasting equipment from this company is made of high quality and is reliable, ergonomic, easy to operate and multifunctional, and most important it is cost and time saving!


jheylo said...

my husband is a mechanic by profession and he use this kind of machine to clean parts at the shop

Mary Anne Vinzon said...

First time to be heard about this cleaning equipment. Just like you I also have an allergy. It's nice that there's a kind of cleaning equipment.

Ge-Ann Balintec said...

why dry ice? for a while i thought it was the PICOS machine

Jessica Cassidy said...

This equipment is so cool and would love to have it in our home as well :) I love products that are eco-friendly especially that I have a very sensitive skin so as my kids.

Makoy said...

This machine looks like a great alternative to help you with the cleaning at home.

Mommy Liz said...

that is so nice that even cleaning equipment is eco friendly :) go green!

Liza Barnett