Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back To School Preparation

Another school year is yet to start here in my other part of the world and so many people are started shopping for school supplies early to avoid the hustle and bustle. I still have a lot of window shopping to do before I could usually buy the things needed by the little one and my nephew. I am praying that I could find good deal of branded school shoes for both of them. I’m afraid if I can’t buy discounted shoes for both of them; it will cost us few thousands for the shoes alone. I don’t want this to happen as we still need to pay the tuition fees and other school supplies.

So tomorrow, if I’ll be in the city I am going to check the department stores, the only mall in the city and the Gibi store to check if there is sales happening in the next coming days. As we all know back to school sale usually happen few weeks before classes start, so I want to take this opportunity.

How about you? Have you started shopping school supplies for your kids?


Bless said...

I remember before around May my Mom also become busy with school preparation for us. Our school vacation here starts in June so right now our student is just preparing for end of the school year :-)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Good for you, ours is just ending over here. It's time for us to enjoy the summer break.