Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hiatus For A Day

I was in Samar for a day to attend the funeral of my Uncle (husband of my father’s older sister) yesterday. With this I was away from the World Wide Web for a day. I do have a lot of things to do online when I arrive home but I was having headache that all I want is to sleep and rest. It was a chaotic day yesterday. I also believed that the headache is cause of the hot weather yesterday during the funeral as we need to walk under the sun on the way to cemetery and on our way to the place of my Aunt.

Good thing I remember to bring my umbrella, as I could not imagine myself walking under the sun for almost an hour without umbrella. I even feel fainting any time although I have an umbrella. I salute those people who seems not to care walking under the scorching hot of the sun. I believe they are used to it.

I am glad that I decided not to stay longer at my sister’s place because I submit a review I left last Tuesday and I am just waiting for approval of the editor before I could post it on my blog. When I check my inbox last night, I already have the noticed that my review is ready for posting. I smile from ear to ear that I didn’t miss it as I could not afford to lose $$ just because I failed to publish the review on time.

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