Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pipka Santas: To Add To Your Collection

The Holiday Season is my favourite time of the year! My boyfriend doesn't call me "Christmas Girl" for nothing. He knows that I always feel giddy as soon as the BER months start. He was surprised when I greeted him with a "Merry Christmas" on the first day of September, but when I explained him that the holiday season in the country starts as soon as the BER months start, he understood and gave me a big smile.

He will laugh at me even more when he reads this blog post. And why wouldn't he, it’s much too early to talk about the holidays. But I what choice do I have? I can't help but share my recent find online. I was so excited the moment I saw the variety of Santas available at this site. While browsing through the site, I remembered the house we visited few years ago where the homeowner had a collection of different kinds of Santa Claus's. One of her Santa's in the collection that caught my attention, was the snoring Santa. Like me, the kids also loved it and they couldn't believe how the sleeping Santa snored!

Also while I was on this site, I found a few Santas that are similar to the ones seen at this so called Christmas village. Another thing I quickly found out, is that collecting Santa and other Christmas ornaments is not a cheap hobby to pursue. One of the larger sized figures of Santa is worth few hundred dollars, which only means one thing, if you’re on a tight budget you probably can’t afford to collect them. So, I am grateful to whoever owns this site for sharing her collection with the public without charging any amount.

If you are a Santa collector, then you may want to add a Pipka Santa to your collection. It has been said that Pipka Santas are among the most well known and well loved Santas available on the market these days. You can now read more about Pipka Santas while you visit this site, I'm sure you will find something worth having there!

Need A Break

It’s time for me to take a break from blogging for a while. I started my day early as I know I have so many things to do. I am glad that I am almost done posting the articles I needed to publish, I have one left though, but I will do it later today. For now, I am getting sleepy so might as well take a nap. Oh well, I do have some paperbacks to read so maybe I end up reading then.

As much as I want to make this blog post longer but I could not as the little one is calling me, already. He wants me to lie beside him. That is what I get for having a sweet little boy and I could not complain. I always get to have a lot of kisses and hugs from him.

So ciao for now guys. Happy blogging!!!

Best Wig: Buy One Online

As I mentioned recently in my other blog, I am proud of what my cousin has become. I didn’t imagine that he would take it seriously, working in a salon away from home. Although I knew that given the proper training my cousin would do well in his craft, I was still surprised when it materialized. And, I was right, for the salon owner where he is currently working trained him to improve his knowledge in applying makeup. After few months of training, he entered one of the prestigious contests in hair and makeup in the country. He didn’t win any major awards, but he was chosen as one of the outstanding make-up artists. Not bad for a first timer like him!

I am thankful to my cousin's boss, because he is not just a salon owner but he is also a mentor to his workers. I am thinking of sharing my recent find in websites with my cousin to tell him to ask his boss to visit the site. I am not sure if the salon needs new wigs, but if ever his boss is on the lookout for a new wig supplier for the salon or for personal use, he will certainly like the idea of browsing through these Wigs for Sale at BestWig2020. The site offers the Best wigs on the market, whether you are looking for half wigs, colored wigs, lace front wigs and premium wigs. They also offer hair pieces and beauty supplies.

Best wigs are something that are not easy to find, but if you are eager and want to find good deals, this is a great place! You can find wigs on sale right from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go out to visit one store after another just to find a wig for sale with good quality. As of this typing, they are having their spring sale part 2, this is a great deal if you’re searching for a lace synthetic wig. And of course, you'll like the idea of free shipping; they will ship orders over $49 free for domestic deliveries.

Aim To Do My Things Online

I believe kicking an addiction takes a lot of effort and patience. I am not talking about illegal drug addiction but my addiction n playing facebook app. I do have a lot of things to do yet I still have find time to include playing in between my online assignment. At any rate, I aim to be productive and shall put my online game addiction on hold, for a while..hahaha…

Aside from posting the reviews I have written few days ago. I have another batch of tasks to work on. So I really need the courage to be productive and concentrate on doing my things online.

Anyways, I know this is another one of my non-sense post but nonetheless thanks for taking your time reading my post and visiting my blog.

Order Your Personalized Sticker From The Comfort Of Your Home

Its election time here in my part of the world. With this, campaign materials such as posters and personalized stickers are commonly seen everywhere, regardless of whether the area is restricted from posting materials or not. I often wonder how much the candidates spend on all those campaign materials being posted and distributed.

Oh well, the fact that they are running for office probably means they have enough money to spend during their campaign period, or they have someone to back them up financially. Candidates running for any office certainly need a lot of promotional items for voters who don’t know them, and hopefully will vote for them when the right time comes.

Businesses also need proper promotion and marketing materials, just like those are running for office in the coming election. If those candidates are posting their campaign material for the voters to notice them, business owners likewise choose various means of promotion. I have seen a lot of posters and advertisements on the street which can only mean one thing, this way of business advertising is effective. Another way to market a business is by placing custom labels anywhere, containing all the information about your business.

No doubt, whether it’s a small or large business, it is very important that people recognize it; and that is where Frontier Label comes to the rescue. They provide excellent solutions for all your business or personal needs. The site offers optional overnight delivery, and it's convenient for you can buy and reorder from the comfort of your office or home. One more thing, you can chat online, or call with any inquiries you have. And lastly, with their vast supply of sample labels, I am quite sure that you will find what you are looking for.

So, visit the site and check it out now for your label needs, whether they're for business purposes or personal use.

Darn! Allergy

What a bummer! I woke this morning having an allergy, sneezing and blowing my nose is something I am not fond of doing especially if I have so many things to do online, just like today. Hence, I have few articles to be posted in here I should not let this allergy- a reason to stay in bed.

On the other hand, time flies so fast. The month of April is almost over and hello May. While typing this blog post, a political jingle has been playing around our place non-stop. I won’t be surprised if I heard another political jingle in an hour or so. National Election is fast approaching so each candidate seemed to have their own strategies to be recognized by the voters.

Hot Tub, Anyone?

I was in the city yesterday to run errands, and while walking in the street someone handed me a leaflet. At first I thought the leaflet was about the candidate running for senator, as I have seen a lot of people walking around holding placards of the candidates. But when I saw that the girl who was distributing the leaflets was wearing a white uniform, I concluded that the flier was not about the politician who was in the city at that time but was actually about the newly opened spa in the city. While walking I scanned the leaflet to check what they offer, I am almost tempted to visit the place and pamper myself when I found out that they have affordable services. Unfortunately, I have to pay the bills and I need to be home early so decided to visit the place another time. While typing this blog post, I remember my boyfriend visits a spa regularly - nice!

There are times that I dream of soaking in a hot tub when I am tired. I have learned from my boyfriend that soaking in a tub is very relaxing. How I wish I could do it whenever I feel exhausted, but I since I am not well off and don’t have my own spa at home I shall settle for what I have.

Anyway, if you’re spa owner or if you are planning to start up your own spa business, I definitely recommend you visit Spa-Mart. It’s a premium resource if you’re looking for good quality products at a great price. There are products to view on their site so you can see them for yourself. Like me, you will be surprised how cheap their hot tub filter, accessories and hot tub covers are. They also carry the most reliable brands of spa chemicals to take care of your hot tubs.

Gracious! Just by browsing the site, I feel like having my own hot tub at home! If only money was not a problem I would certainly have my own spa at home so I could enjoy it whenever I needed to relax!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Something To Ponder

Yay! The plan of updating my other blog might not happen today. The reason- my mind is wandering around. I do have some topic in mind but when I am starting to put them into writing they seemed to vanish, as if they were blown by the wind. I honestly could not think of a good blog post as of this moment, instead I am facebooking.

Aside from playing, I am closely monitoring updates of the latest incident happened in my town few hours ago between two candidates running for councilors. At first no one in the group has the courage to mentioned names but gladly after few hours prior to the incident someone is brave enough to reveal the involve candidates however for safety reason I won’t mention the names here. I am certain that the incident will be on the news tomorrow or perhaps it is already in the news as of this typing.

I only hope that this will be the last incident and hopefully, it will teach them a lesson especially to the one who has the gun. One thing is for sure, problem will come his way considering the fact that bringing firearms at this point of time is prohibited because of the upcoming election.

Sexy Lingerie's

So do you want to look sexy and steamy for your husband tonight? Or do you want to wear luscious lingerie to add spicy on bed time. Whatever your reason for wearing sexy lingerie, there is no doubt that every woman has its own preference when buying lingerie. As for me, I am not really into sexy sleepwear although I have few from my Aunt. I haven’t worn it, since I am sleeping with the little one. At a young age, he doesn’t like the idea of me wearing sexy lingerie. But if I am to buy, I would should simple and not too sexy lingerie, something that is comfortable to wear yet still sexy to look at.

For those who are into sexy lingerie, I recently found a website called The site offer wide variety of sexy and exquisite lingerie that you can add to your collection. Of course you can find a lot of online store that offer lingerie’s but what make 5StarsLingerie different from other online sexy lingerie boutique is that they offer free shipping on orders $50 or more. They also guarantee that your orders won’t take 10 days for your order to be delivered at your doorsteps.

Another thing why you should shop with them is because they assure that all items delivered are safe and secure. And lastly, they offer 30 days return policy and free exchange shipping just in case you are not satisfied with the items.

Hiatus For A Day

I was in Samar for a day to attend the funeral of my Uncle (husband of my father’s older sister) yesterday. With this I was away from the World Wide Web for a day. I do have a lot of things to do online when I arrive home but I was having headache that all I want is to sleep and rest. It was a chaotic day yesterday. I also believed that the headache is cause of the hot weather yesterday during the funeral as we need to walk under the sun on the way to cemetery and on our way to the place of my Aunt.

Good thing I remember to bring my umbrella, as I could not imagine myself walking under the sun for almost an hour without umbrella. I even feel fainting any time although I have an umbrella. I salute those people who seems not to care walking under the scorching hot of the sun. I believe they are used to it.

I am glad that I decided not to stay longer at my sister’s place because I submit a review I left last Tuesday and I am just waiting for approval of the editor before I could post it on my blog. When I check my inbox last night, I already have the noticed that my review is ready for posting. I smile from ear to ear that I didn’t miss it as I could not afford to lose $$ just because I failed to publish the review on time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Affordable Jewelry

I admit I am not really a fanatic of jewelry but I do own some! Hence, I am not really fond of wearing these pieces, and they are just hanging inside my jewelry box because I only wear them whenever I feel like wearing them or when I am in the mood to wear them. Although I am not into fashionable jewelry, this does not mean that I don’t have a thing for it, believe me, you don’t need to be a jewelry fanatic to know if jewelry is stunning or not. And, well, I also have done my fair share of buying stunning jewelry although it only means I might wear it a few times and give it to my cousin or to my younger sister.

Admittedly, I was tempted, and thrilled to buy this sideways cross necklace when I came across this site that a friend referred to me. But good thing I managed to control myself and settled for just browsing through their eye-catching and stunning sterling silver chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, gold chains for men and many more items. Another thing is that Jewelry Megastore, which is the site I was on, offers affordable prices on any kind of jewelry they have available because they are in close relationship with the largest diamond and colored stone manufacturer in the world. So, don’t be surprised if you find out that they really offer cheap jewelry!

Mother’s day is fast approaching, and if you are looking for a jewelry store with a huge selection of unique jewelry for your mother without emptying your wallet, then I urge you to visit The Jewelry Megastore and have fun checking their products to view. I am certain, at the end of the day you will find something for your mother. Just in case you are not satisfied with the product, fret no more as you can always return it and get your money back. They have a 30-day money back guarantee for customers that are not pleased with the items they have purchased.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Take Time To Read Your Blog Post

I promise countless times to read my blog post before I hit the publish button. But unfortunately, I always neglect doing it, especially if I have some tasks to do and I am running out of time. So, don’t be surprised if you see words that are misspelled, redundant words, or worse sentence that is difficult to understand, in another word grammatical error :-).

Just few days ago, I decided to read my latest publish post, I feel sorry not to read the whole article before publishing the post as I found typos and grammatical errors. I don’t know if this is true, that to have a good article, take time away from the article before proofreading for when an article is fresh it’s hard to identify typos and grammatical errors, whether this is true or not, I aim to try this out for I know I will have a good quality post.

Truly, proofreading really plays a big rule to have a good quality post, I shall not neglect doing this in every blog post I create.

How about you? Are you proofreading your work before sharing it to the public?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cheap Roses: Where To Find Them?

One thing is for sure, ladies want to receive flowers from their loved ones on special occasions. With or without an occasion, we just love the idea of receiving flowers from our boyfriend or husband, am I right? It’s been quite some time since I last received flowers from my boyfriend, I kinda miss it. It was a dozen red roses with a couple of bears. We were miles away at the time, so he bought the flowers online and had them delivered to my doorstep. Wasn’t that sweet?

Speaking of flowers, if other members of your family love them, then perhaps you may want to try buying them online. One reason why we choose not to buy fresh arranged flowers on a regular basis is because of the price. It can be very pricy depending on what kind of flower arrangement and what specific flowers you want in the arrangement. And most of all, going to the florist can be daunting, especially during Valentine’s Day.

But did you know that you can actually save some money on fresh flowers? Yeah! You read it right guys; I found this website that has been in the flower business for many years now. Their goal s to ensure customer satisfaction by selling various kinds of flowers with a price that won’t hurt our wallet. The site is a perfect place to visit if you want to give all the ladies in your family a beautiful arrangement of flowers on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, or Mothers Day. This company called is also a great place to head to if you are planning to exchange "I do’s"! Have a look at the products here; like me, I am certain that you will be dumbfounded at how cheap it is to shop through them. Truly, buying wholesale roses is a great idea if you want to use them in decorations or bouquets for your wedding.

I really hope this blog post will serve as a guide to someone who is on the lookout for wholesale roses. With the kind of economy we have right now, saving even a little bit counts! And who wouldn't want cheap roses if the quality is fantastic? I mean, why pay more when you don't need to, for the same item? You're in for a treat when you see what they have; everything is beautiful.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Busy Wednesday

Dang! What a busy Wednesday. I was in the downtown most of the day today scouting for a good buy of house clothes for the little one and my nephew. Few months ago I found out that some of the little one’s house clothes doesn't fit him anymore and some of his short pants is worn out, already. I am glad that the boyfriend sent some extra before he travel to another country so I manage to buy some. Well, it is not enough and I hope online blessing will continue to pour at my end so I could buy another batch of house clothes for them soon.

Aside from buying things for the little one and the nephew I also pamper myself. I had my manicure and pedicure done in another salon. I almost forgot that my cousin’s friend gave me a customer card and I want to take advantage of it, a free manicure and pedicure is coming my way. I also buy something for myself but I will talk about it on my other blog.

You Can Still Have Your Favorite Salad

No one wants to continuously gain weights and end up being obese. We all want to have a healthy life style. With this being said, more and more people are into exercising and eating healthy foods. But let’s admit it there are times that we want to cheat. We want to eat those mouth watering salad and other deserts.

Good thing we can still eat what we want to eat using substitute ingredients. With this we can still eat the salad we want by using sugar free salad dressing. There are also website that aim to help us prepare healthy foods, for us to live healthier and eat healthier food.

To be healthy and stay fit doesn’t mean you eat less or skip your meals. It is how you actually balance your food and calories in take.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sleepy Blogger

Been looking on my notebook screen hoping I can think of a good sentence to start with this blog post but to no avail. I guess it’s because I am sleepy, already. Aside from not being in my best mood, so no wonder. Anyway, as much as I want to stay online and do the things I need to do I simply cannot as I am getting sleepy. I do have some tasks waiting for my attention; some of them are from my all time favorite pay to blog site. I also have one from another pay to blog site. I shall do the draft today or tomorrow morning the latest before I will lose it on my dashboard.

Hence I really don’t want to sleep now I hope a cup of coffee will help me stay awake. Multi-tasking might help me awake too. While I am typing this blog post I also opened few blogs to visit.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Image editing Tools

Editing image is not that easy much more in creating or enhancing the logo you have done. But if you are good enough in using the features available in the editing tools you have, then there will be no problem with it.

Meanwhile, in terms of image editing tools, there are a lot of types of it and so its brand. Hence, when you plan to use for such thing, make sure to use the best instead. However, as we’ll know such software is not that easy to get unless if you pay for its value. But nowadays, everything can now be possible. That is simply because there are lots of free image editing software available for downloads. And not just that, there are other software too made for specific use such as logo generator for logo making. Thus, if you are one of those looking for image editing tools or software especially when it comes to logo creation… worry, no more!

Now, you can have the logos you desire for your blogs, businesses or even for your social media accounts. Why get stressed, if the software or tools you need is here all for free!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yehey! I Am Brave Enough

In all honestly, I am not a fearless type of person. You will not see me or should I say you can’t count on me in case of emergency. I will be running around because of nervous or I am hiding so I couldn’t witness what is happening. However, as a single parent there are times that I need to be brave especially if it involves the little one.

Just like last Thursday, I need to act fearless in front of him. It’s his circumcision schedule. I already have a bad experienced when my nephew had his circumcision few years ago. He almost fainted after the circumcision and I am anxious it could happen to the little one. But good thing all went well, he cried when the doctor injected the anesthesia but other than that all went well, thanks God. I was also thankful that my Uncle go with us to the clinic, I guess it’s because he knows I am a bit nervous. I am also proud of myself as I didn’t cry while my son is crying, perhaps the presence of my Uncle helps me a lot.

As of this typing the little one is doing well. He will be taking his medicine until tomorrow. In few days, he can start enjoying his summer vacation that is playing with his cousins and friends in the backyard.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Need Of Hotel Supplies

I’ve noticed that more and more people nowadays are travel oriented. With this I am not really surprised why hotel and inn business is becoming one of the popular businesses these days. Just recently an old hotel next town was renovated. It is now the most visited hotel by tourist, honeymooners and even families who want have a take a break from a tiring week at work. The hotel is location is great as it near the beach and near the famous park in the country where the visitors can walk and jog in the morning.

I wonder if the new owner and management brought new hotel supplies before they started operating. Choosing good hotel supplies is really important and need thorough assessment to make sure that the supplies are of good quality. This is one way of ensuring that the guest will be satisfied with the services and their stay.

Talking about hotel supplies, a Hotel Supply Online is a perfect place to head on when it comes so hotel needs such as appliances, furnitures, bedding, janitorial needs, kitchen supplies, office supplies and a lot more. Whether you are searching for Alanta Hotel Supply or Hotel Bar Supplies I would suggest you to check out PeachSuite. They provide high quality of hotel supplies that you may need. And most of all they offer free shipping for orders over $500. Isn’t it a big saving?