Saturday, March 2, 2013

On Recognizing Music Instrument

As what I have mentioned in my previous post Mr Sunshine is shining brightly today, while typing this blog post I can feel the soaring hot in my skin. In deed summer is just around the corner.

Talking about summer, it is this time when a lot of fiesta celebration is happening in the in country. And, well, when we are talking about fiesta a lot different shows are being shown at night to make the festivity more festive and happy. Just like in our town, there are few invited local bands to entertain the people in our town. I had chance to witness battle of band before and one thing I’ve noticed is the instrument they are using, I know some of it is not expensive. I even can’t recognize other instruments, I only found what it is when I had a chance to see a behringer at GC recently.

 I am not surprised if I am not good in recognizing music instruments as I am not into music.


Makoy said...

summer is indeed here! have fun with the fiesta and the battle of the bands.

Mary Anne Vinzon said...

I can also feel the heat of the sun at this moment. You are right fiesta was being celebrated by most Filipinos. Few more months we will have our fiesta too.

Chubskulit Rose said...

We still have months away from Summer, I can't wait. Winter is tiring!

Sis, would you consider removing your captcha please? Ang hirap basahin kasi eh, paulit ulit..

Mommy Liz said...

You and me both, no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to musical instrument. I envy your weather, it's snowing here and really freezing cold.

Liza Agustin Barnett

Unknown said...

yes summer is definitely here in Pinas and surely more fun and outing are happening.

Kaye Figuracion said...

We have the same sentiment, I'm not also good in spotting musical instrument. Sometimes, I can't even distinguish which is which.