Saturday, February 23, 2013

On And Off Power Interuption

The country is having a long weekend. Do you have any plan as to how to spend the whole weekend? As for me, I do not have any plan. I more want to stay at home and spend the weekend with the little one. I have been away most of the time last month and I want to make it up to the little one as he is already complaining that I don’t have time for him anymore.

I also want to focus on my blogs. I have few tasks that waiting to get done. I was also in contact with someone who wants to publish a post in my blog. We closed the deal yesterday but she still needs to submit my blog to the advertiser for approval. I hope my blog meet their requirement.

While typing this blog post, we have power interruption again. We have been experiencing power interruption since yesterday. I only hope it is not a whole day without electricity as I do have a lot of work to do online like blog hopping and working on my few tasks.

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