Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moving To Godaddy

I have decided to move this domain to go daddy as I have plan for this blog. Been wanting to move this blog to WP and have it self-hosted for greater chance of earning. But for some reason, I decided to move the plan until such time that I need to renew the domain. The perfect time is this month, today to be precise. I haven’t paid Mommy Ruby yet for the renewal as the transfer is still on progress. But I have the fund ready on my paypal account.

My only problem when I move this blog to self-hosted is I might lost the template I have now. I hope I can find someone who can move the layout from blogger to wordpress. I am a type of blogger who wants my blog to wear premade theme but unfortunately I only know how to tweak in blogger platform. I don’t have any knowledge in wordpress.

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