Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost Motivation.. blog..

 I have been aiming to update my blogs since I and the little one arrived home after staying at my sister’s place for three days but it seems that I lost my motivation to blog. No matter how I try I always end up staring on the monitor and end up without posting any update. So, apologize if I am posting another non-sense post. But then, I have been randomly posting anything under the sun, posting non-sense post is actually an old stuff in my blogging career. (huh? Blogging career?) now it made me smile…

Anyway, still have few tasks to work on that needed my much attention. I do hope I could work on it today.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Musical Instrument

Are you a musically inclined type of person? Or are you searching on where to find musical instrument online?

Whatever your reason is, I am pretty sure that you will find the Musical Instruments you’re looking for online. You can actually head on to the link I have previously shared. The site offer wide variety of musical instrument on sale. Nothing beats the excitement when you get the instrument you have been wishing on discounted price.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now to avail free shipping on orders over $25.

Running Out Of Time

Oh boy!!! I didn’t blog last night as I feel sleepy ad lazy. With this I didn’t do the tasks that are due this morning thinking that I still have enough time to do it. But unfortunately we had power interruption and I just got back the electricity an hour ago. So now, I am literally running out of time. I am keeping my fingers cross that I won’t lose them on my dashboard.

And, since I am running out of time I am not making this post very long. Ciao for now!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Comfortable Mattress Will Help You Get Enough Sleep

With the start of another year, I am pretty sure some of us want to live a healthy life style. However, it is not easy to be healthy. It is not all about eating healthy foods, or exercising daily. Having enough sleep also plays a big rule in living a healthy life style. Being a full time mom and a blogger, getting enough sleep is something that is difficult to achieve. Blogger like me are usually awake at night and because I am also a mother. I need to wake up early to assist my son in going to school. So for us, getting enough sleep is a luxury.

If blogger like me could not get enough sleep because of our work, other could not get enough sleep just because they are having a hard time getting to sleep. An uncomfortable bed or mattress can be a reason why a person cannot sleep well. So if you noticed that your bed is not comfortable already then I guess it is high time you consider getting a new mattress, perhaps a mattress toronto will do.

Springmade Mattress in Toronto, they have been in the business for more than 14 years now offering quality custom mattresses that are made to suit their clients need. Although they make their mattress with care and diligence you can still have it in a reasonable price. Isn’t it a good offer to grab? So what are you waiting for, call them at (416)-736-9003 or send them an e-mail for inquiry.

Bouncing Back

I got an e-mail from a direct advertiser the other day but I don’t know what seems to be the problem as my reply to her inquiry is bouncing back to my inbox. I have tried few times but to no avail. I remember this also happened to me last year. I could not reply to an inquiry because the messages also bounce back to my inbox.

Hay! I could only hope that there is another way to contact those advertisers. Well, I guess I will just try to send them an e-mail later tonight. And I hope that my message will not bounce back again, this time.

Enviroment Friendly Roofing

Building our dream house is something that we all want to happen the soonest possible time. Only if financial doesn’t matter when building a house, there’s no doubt that we are all living in our own roof.

If you’ve enough budget to build your dream house you should be cautious in hiring a contractors. One thing you should look into in hiring a contractor that will build your dream house is their expertise on their field. Are their work guarantees to be of good quality from top to bottom, inside and out. Although you have the money to spend in your project it is still best to get the best service available in your area.

In building a house the roof is one of the important parts of the house that we should take with extra planning. For sure you do not want to have a roof that easily gives up when bad weather arise. The roof, is the part of the house that will safeguard our family and belongings inside the house.

Of course there are lots of roofing contractor available in the market nowadays. In fact you will be surprised of the result you will get if you happen to search it online. In Montreal Canada, couvreur montreal is one of the trusted roofing montreal contractor that you can trust on. Apart from having the best roof in your area you will also have an environment friendly roof which makes your roofing far different from the traditional roofing.

Should you know more information about green roofing, visit the site now.

Feeling Better

It’s raining down here in my other part of the world. With that it makes me want to stay in bed and cuddle with my pillow and blanket. But unfortunately it’s not weekend. I need to assist the little one on going to school and I also have some pending tasks to work on. So, even if I wanted to sleep longer to take advantage of the cold weather I could not do it just now.

 I am thankful for I am better now. Allergy has been my constant visitor for the past couple of days. I hope I stay longer online to work on with my undone tasks. The payout schedule is fast approaching. Since I want a bigger payout this month I should work double time to achieve this goal.

TGIF everyone!!!

Remedy On Losing Hair

Our hair is one of our assets. There are times that we will spend quite a lot of money for us to achieve a perfect hair. Admittedly I am one of those who spend some amount to have a straight hair since I am born to have a wavy hair. Luckily, I stop spending too much as I have a cousin who do my hair, from making it straight to hair coloring. I would say my cousin never failed to amaze me. Well, no wonder he is working in one of the high end salon.

 If I am spending some money to beautify my hair there are some who are spending quite a lot of money just to make sure that they won’t lose their crowning glory. Losing hair is something that we don’t want to experience. While tying this blog post I remember my cousin who starts losing his hair at an early age. He is only few years older than me yet it already visible that he lose quite a lot of hair already. Since he can’t find any remedy on how to stop losing his hair he decided to let his beard grow. The last time I saw him I advice him to shave his beard so he can find a girlfriend. His beard is making him look older than his age.

Perhaps he will shave his beard if his hair starting to grow again. I hope the different herbs that I ask him to try will help him regain his hair. Gladly I came across an article at, as soon as I read the title I remember this cousin right away. So I hope it will works on him.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Feeling Well..

In time when I have a lot of pending tasks to work on allergy has been my constant visitor for the past few days. How I wish I could get rid of this easily but I know it is impossible since I am not taking any allergy medicine. The boyfriend advise me to visit a doctor before but because I am hard headed I didn’t follow his advice. And, well, I also don’t want to be dependent on allergy medicine. So as much as I can I don’t want to start it now and I hope not in the future too.

I hope I will feel better when I wake up tomorrow so I will have more time working on my thing online.

Hire Professional And Trusted Electrician

My cousin is in his first year in the university. I am with him when he took the college entrance examination and he scored quite well. No wonder the instructor suggested him to take engineering as his report card is quite impressive as well. But my cousin declined the offer as he wants to be a professional electrician someday. The last time I heard he is doing well on his study. I pray that he will be a successful electrician in the future. So he can help his parent sending his younger sibling in sending them to school.

Talking about professional electrician, if you are searching for mississauga electrical contractor you visit Thiel Electrical Contracting Ltd. They offer wide range of electrical services such as PLC programming and installations, panel design and construction, retro fitting needs and many more. They also install various types of lighting including electric discharge lights, fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, induction and LED lighting and pot lights and etc.

As we all know, electrical wiring is something that we should not take for granted as it can cause fire. Of course you do not want to lose your investment and loved ones just because you didn’t hire professional electrician. Hiring the best and reputable electrician mississauga should always be on top of your list.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Leave Me Alone Headache!!!

Oh boy! I still have some pending tasks to work on as blessings continue to pour in this site. I was about to head on to my bed as my head is spinning. I guess it’s because I wake up too early today, as early as 3 am. With this I might take a break and take a short nap like what my boyfriend advice me to do.

The plan of going back online yesterday after I took a nap didn’t happen as I had a mild asthma attack. I am just thankful that I always have my medicine so I can take immediately when I feel like having asthma to avoid severe attack. Good thing, I feel okay when I woke up around midnight.

I could not afford to get sick at this point of time.

Garbage Problem? Worry No More

It has been said that garbage is one of the reason why there are lots of flooding happening in the country these days. I cannot blame them for thinking like this as I can actually see a lot of garbage disposed anywhere. Apart from flooding it may also affect our health. So imagine yourself living in a community wherein nobody is picking up all the garbage and they were all stocked in the street. I am certainly sure you would not want to be in this kind of community. Right?

I am glad that our garbage is pick up every Thursday so we really don’t have any problem when it comes to disposing our garbage. However there are times that the garbage truck won’t pick up the garbage on schedule and often times I saw some garbage in the street scattered. But gladly the garbage owners are responsible enough to take care of their mess and would put it back to their garbage bag.

Anyway, have you heard about garbage removal edmonton? If you happen to be in a community around Edmonton and in a lookout of junk removal edmonton then you may want to consider availing the service that Vanish Site Removal offered. You can visit the site now for a free quote.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Need A Break

So how is your Tuesday so far? Mine is quite busy. I am still working on with my backlog. I still have few tasks waiting my attention assign for this blogs and few for my other blog. Apart from the task I got from my all time favorite paying site. I was trying to beat the cut off but I failed. So I’ll just have the remaining tasks on the next cut-off.

As much as want to blog and finish what I need to finish I feel drain already. I need to take a nap to recharge. Anyway, those tasks are not due soon so I can take it easy. For now, I go and logoff for a while to sleep.

See you in two hours or so. :-)

Have A Perfect Smile

If there is one thing I’d like to do as of this typing that is visit my dentist. I could not remember anymore if it’s less a year or more than a year since I had my teeth cleaned. Few days ago, I was trying to get rid of something in between my teeth when I found out I need to visit a dentist as my teeth needs to be cleaned properly.

I sometimes think who is to be blame for not having perfect teeth. All I know is that I didn’t take much of my teeth when I was younger. How I wish someone is there to encourage me to brush my teeth then, just like what I am doing to the little one, my niece and nephew when are here for a visit. I’ve learn my lesson and I don’t want them to feel sorry for having unappealing teeth.

Talking about how to take care of our teeth, we all know that brushing our teeth regularly is one way on how to take care of our teeth. But do you know that choosing the right toothbrush is also important? I know, we usually buy any toothbrush without thinking if it can harm our teeth and gum. And, sometimes we brush our teeth in a hard way believing that it will clean our teeth by doing so. But we are wrong, as brushing too much is harmful to our gums especially if we are using hard toothbrush.

So if you want to have perfect teeth and smile I would advise you to get the Extra soft toothbrush offered by Periclean. It’s a bit expensive compared to standard toothbrush but it worth the price as you will feel your teeth is smoother and cleaner.

Working On With Backlogs

It’s a gloomy day down here in my other part of the world. I am grateful that the weather today is not as cold as yesterday. I wish that Mr. Sunshine will smile on us today to dry our pathway on going to the road.

On the other end, I have been trying my best to finish my pending tasks in my dashboard before I will be given another batch of tasks to work on. Just this morning I smiled when I open my inbox as I have a notification message to let me know that two of my blogs were hire by an advertiser.

Well, I still have a week to finish the tasks so I nothing to fret of. I am thankful that I have tasks to work on for the next coming days. I was unproductive last week since I was away from home and there is no internet at my sister’s place. I wish and pray that blessings continue to pour at my end for me to cover my expenses on hand.

Why Choose A Good Roofing

Are you considering on building your own house this year? If so, then you should consider investing in good roofing. As we all know the roof is one essential part of the house. It is mostly exposed to harsh elements such as typhoon so they are prone to damage. However if you will invest in good roofing material you’ve a greater chances of having a safe home to stay when calamity like typhoon hit your place. Having good roofing will safeguard our loved ones and our belongings from harm when bad weather occurs. I am pretty sure you do not want to lose your loved ones or belongings just because your house roofing immediately give up because of the bad weather.

Of course there are ample of available choices of roofing in the market nowadays, so choosing the right roof can be daunting especially if you don’t have the knowledge. However if you will hire the service of roofer calgary, there is no doubt that will have the best roof for your dream house.

Aaron Roofing, will help those who want to have their own building experience worry-free and excellent building experience. They have been in the business for over fifty years offering good roofing calgary service. To know if you’re roofing budget is enough you can visit the site for free estimate form.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy Monday

I had a busy day today, catching up with Comment Exchange and working on my backlogs. I am glad that I manage to finish visiting all the participants for the last week CE but I don’t think I can make it for my other blog. Well, what matter is I didn’t miss this week’s comment exchange. I will just catch up for my other blog this week.

Now, that I am done with the CE, at least in one of my blog I shall focus on doing with my pending tasks. I still have some pending tasks in my LV dashboard and I aim to finish them in the next coming days before another batch of online tasks comes my way. With a lot of extra expenses on hand, I don’t want to lose any opportunity that is available for me. I know I may sounds greedy but I don’t care, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who wants to earn more in the blogging world.

Agree? :-)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Want A Clean Home..

..who don't want a clean home anyway.

As much as I want our home to be clean and organized all the time it is something that is not easy to achieve. Having a toddler aged two years old at home means cluttered anywhere. I sometime wish I can do something about it but we all know that we cannot stop them from making a mess or we cannot ask them to clean the mess and dirt that they have cause on our carpet or furniture. I am just lucky that our sofa is made of wood and we have tiled flooring so I don’t need to worry a lot.

But what about those homeowners who are using carpet and who have small kids and pets? I wonder how they manage to have a clean home and free from pet fur. Oh well, I remember there are some cleaning companies that offer carpet, sofa cleaning new york and it neighboring place. With Green Choice you can be sure that the chemicals they are using in cleaning is harmless to the environment, to your health and to your pet’s health. Why I say so, because they are using non-toxic chemicals but remove dirt and stains effectively.

So if you want the best cleaning services that offer eco-friendly and effective solution to your carpet problem without making a hole in your pocket you know where to head on. All you’ve to do is call Green Choice and they will do the work as fast and efficient as they can.

I Missed The Blogging World

Yay! I do have a lot of catching up to do as I’ve been away from home for four days. As you can see my previous blog post is dated January 16, I posted it an hour before I left to my younger sister place. I really don’t have any plan of going there as I have visited them recently but because of few personal reasons I decided to go there. My boyfriend wants me to stay until Wednesday but because the little one was not with me and he has been calling me to go home I give in to his request. Well, I my boyfriend actually advice me to tag along the little one with me but because I don’t want him to missed his class for few days he was left at home.

Anyway, what matter most is I am home and the little one is happy but because its Sunday I won’t be seeing my man on cam this evening. I need to wait until tomorrow morning, although he is calling me constantly and we update each other through sms I am still not satisfied with it. Perhaps it is because I actually see him three times a day in a regular basis. Well, I don’t have any choice but to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homemade Makeup Removal

Of course all ladies would love to look stunning when going out. Thus putting make up to enhance our natural beauty is mostly done by women. However removing the makeup can be a daunting task. I have experience it many times especially if I am using waterproof liquid eyeliner and mascara. No wonder as I am not actually using a make removal so I am not surprised whenever I find it difficult to remove my makeup.

As the New Year begun, saving is something that we all want to do after spending too much last holiday season. Thus, buying unnecessary things should be avoided. So, why buy expensive makeup remover when you can actually make your own in the comfort of your home. Of course you need to spend things you need but I don’t think it will cost us too much.

 Good thing, I recently came across this article about how to make makeup removal lotion. All you need to have is a few ingredient and a little time and you are up to your homemade makeup removal. You can check out for the ingredients and steps by step process.

Cold Weather

Oh.. I am loving the weather these days it’s cold. I wonder what it is to be in the summer capital of the Philippines nowadays. I can imagine people in this place are now wearing thick clothes and perhaps they are also wearing globes to keep warm. Only, if I can be in Baguio at this very moment it is definitely my first experience to be in a cold place like Baguio.

I remember when I have a chance to visit the place when I was younger the weather was not that cold as we manage to survive without wearing jacket. We just stay under the sun when we feel cold. It was a funny experience, too bad we don’t have photo to documents those memories.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Of Having Time To Pamper Ourselves

There is no doubt that we all need time to unwind and relax after working hard for our family. Even a stay at home mom like me also needs time to rest from all the work at home. However because of time and budget we usually opt not to take a break although the break is a must needed to rejuvenate ourselves. I myself is a perfect living example, been wanting to go somewhere to relax as I have been bombarded with some problem but because I am currently facing some financial difficulties because of my mother’s latest health problem I don’t have any choice but to move any unnecessary expenses and would settle to a cheaper way of relaxation which is having a body massage in my favorite salon.

 It’s been a while since the last time I had a body massage. A friend invited me to visit a spa salon last week but for some reason I reject her offer for I don’t have enough extra budget for it. I hope we can still visit the salon in the near future as I know we both need a massage.

I am happy to my online friend who recently availed the massage montréal and mentioned that she feels good about massothérapie montréal. Honestly, I don’t have any idea of what she is talking about but I believe her, when she said, she feels good after the massage.

The Cold Weather Makes Me Lazy

It’s a gloomy day here at my end it makes me want to stay in bed to cuddle mu pillow and blanket. But it’s weekdays; I need to prepare the little one in going to school. As of this typing he is having his breakfast so here I am making this blog post. After his breakfast I will give him his bath. As I mentioned before he can only take have his bath on his own on weekends.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here I just need to post an update before I could start working with my pending tasks. I still have few to work on. The tasks have been in my dashboard for a week now and its due in two days. I shall do the tasks now before I’ll lose them.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Outdoor Adventures

For people who love outdoor adventures having a good quality backpack is really important. A kind of backpack that has a big room that can accommodate your things needed for your adventure.

If I am to choose, I will definitely choose camelbak backpack as it is made of good quality materials. Camelbak is not only offering backpack as one can find other things needed for your adventure.

So if you’re planning to go on hiking you should visit Camelbak now.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catching Up Little By Little

At last after hiding for few days Mr Sunshine is finally smiling on us. Hopefully he will stay smiling all day as my Aunt is having our laundry. I also want to dry our yard so I could sweep the dried leaves.

As I have said in my previous post I am trying to get back to my daily routine after the holidays. My travel blog surely need some attention as I haven’t posted any update for this month. I only have posted few update last month so I need to catch up with my travel blog soon. I already have an idea what update to post in there.

But for now, I will do some cleaning and I’ll be putting down our Christmas decorations.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hassle Free Moving Experience

I haven’t experience moving to one place to another. However it doesn’t mean that I do not know the hassle of moving because I know. I personally know someone who have move from one country to another. My Aunts family, they move from London to the Philippines. Imagine the hassle they go through packing and unpacking all their belongings. And, well, my Aunt told me that their moving experience was not good as some of their appliances were broken during the move. If only, they hired a reputable moving company that will move their belongings they could have a hassle free moving.

There are lots of reasons as to why someone will move from one place to another. But to avoid bad moving experience like my Aunt it is important to hire a reputable moving company. Of course there are lots of moving companies available you just have to find them. If you are living around Canada you can check out déménagement montréal they specialize in residential, industrial and commercial moving.

A trusted moving company is a company that has been in the business for many years and aims to delivery your belongings to its destination safe and sound. And most important it doesn’t hurt your moving budget.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moving To Godaddy

I have decided to move this domain to go daddy as I have plan for this blog. Been wanting to move this blog to WP and have it self-hosted for greater chance of earning. But for some reason, I decided to move the plan until such time that I need to renew the domain. The perfect time is this month, today to be precise. I haven’t paid Mommy Ruby yet for the renewal as the transfer is still on progress. But I have the fund ready on my paypal account.

My only problem when I move this blog to self-hosted is I might lost the template I have now. I hope I can find someone who can move the layout from blogger to wordpress. I am a type of blogger who wants my blog to wear premade theme but unfortunately I only know how to tweak in blogger platform. I don’t have any knowledge in wordpress.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching Up Still

Yay! I still have gazillion of tasks to do online and offline. I do have some clothes on the basket that needs to be fold. Apart from that I also noticed our yard needs some sweeping. How I wish I can ask someone to do it for me but my sister in law has her own things to run in the house. I sometimes wish its more than 24 hours a day so that I will have more time to finish what I need to finish in a day. I honestly need to work hard as I have extra expenses to pay in the next coming week but for now allow me to logoff and do my offline tasks. I’ll be back in a while to continue working on my online tasks.

On Treating Mental Illness

One thing I noticed to people with mental illness is that they are often neglected by their loved ones. One good proof is that there are lots of mentally ill people scattered in the streets. I sometimes think if the family of those people tried something to avoid worsen the situation.

There are lots of factor to consider as to a person become mentally ill. The cause of mental illness is not known yet however heredity, brain injury, substance abuse can possibly be a reason of mental illness. Other big factors are biological, psychological and environment. Whatever the cause of one’s illness it is very important to seek health advice. The treatment can be a long process and the cure is not certain yet but there is always hope for mentally ill people provided they will get the right treatment.

If you are in a look out of a good Mental Health Facility for a family or friend then don’t look any farther as I came across a website that developed our longer-term mental health treatment options as a solution to the problem. At Morningside recovery they are not only treating the illness but they treat the patient as a whole. Thus, having a good relationship to other people, daily exercise, relaxation techniques, nutrition guide are only few of their unique approach on treating mental illness. They actually have different approach on how to treat the illness it is defend on the cause of the illness. And, well, they also make sure that family member of the patient is involve in the care of their loved ones who are mentally ill.

For more information you can visit the link above.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hiatus For Two Days

Being away from the blogosphere and internet connection is a good chance to rest. However I am left with a lot of pending work to do. I have some tasks on my dashboard from my all-time favorite paying site. I also have few tasks to work on from another paying site. I do hope that blessing continue to pour at my end as I need to save for something. I also want to help the boyfriend for my mother’s expenses for her medicine. She is currently taking some medicine as maintenance. I hope she can stop it after a month of taking those medicines for a long time as I don’t think I can afford to support her all the time.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Go Green On Rug Cleaning

Inhaling dust is of the reasons to have an allergy attack. However, I am not come from a well-off family and I am living in the country were hiring a cleaning service is not common choice. It’s either we do the cleaning ourselves or let hire someone to do the cleaning. Lucky those household who have a house help as they don’t need to worry about cleaning as the house help will do it either manually using the traditional cleaning equipment in the country which is broom, cloth, soap and water. Of course there are some who have vacuum cleaner but I assure you the average household doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner. But we all know that cleaning mattress, carpet rugs and the like needs special equipment to make sure that it’s really clean.

Talking about cleaning, if you are searching for a safe, eco friendly and effective way to clean your rugs you can never go wrong hiring the oriental rug cleaning nyc. Unlike other company, GreenChoice offer safe and toxic-free organic rug and carpet cleaning for a reasonable price. More reason why you would choose to hire GreenChoice is that they offer discount, same day service, spotless result and free pick and delivery.

So hurry visit the site for free estimate now!

On Keeping Our Christmas Decor

Yesterday I plan to take off our Christmas décor and keep in a safe place for next year celebration. But because I am pretty busy yesterday I didn’t do anything. I do hope I will have the energy to do it today. On the other note, I maybe not do it today as I have been dealing with allergy since yesterday. The dust that the décor accumulated for more than a month is not good for my allergy perhaps I will just do it when I successfully get rid of this allergy.

How about you? Have you keep your Christmas décor already?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Online Auctions

The advancement of internet technology never ceases to amaze me. I can still remember the first time I used the internet in our school laboratory. Me and my classmate chose to use the software installed in order to meet with friends online. It was over a year later that I had a chance to explore what the internet has to offer, but because I was only renting my place at that time, my time was still limited. I started to really explore the World Wide Web when I had my own internet connection at home.

Who would have thought that you can actually buy the things you want online and you can sell preowned items that you want to share with others who have the same interests. If you are a gun collector searching for military surplus auctions, I urge you to visit my newly found website called Affiliated Auctions and Realty. Whether you want to buy another gun to add to your collection or you want to sell one from your own collection, the [military surplus auctions] is the perfect place to head to in your quest.

Why do I say this? Well, Affiliated Auctions and Realty has been in the business for many years now which has made them an established auction house, reseller and buyer of any kind of rifle and jewelry. The site is affiliated with some associations such as the National Auctioneer Association, the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, the Georgia Board of Realtors, the Orders and Medals Society, the Jewelers Board of Trade, the American Numismatic Association and more. So if you’re searching for gun auction sites you can visit the visit the site I have mentioned above for a wide selection of guns for a reasonable price.

alt text

Did I mention that the site in not just for selling rifles? Yes, you read it right, the site is also for selling jewelry online. That is the reason why Affiliated Auctions and Realty is different from other auction houses, because they don’t just concentrate on one thing. They make their site open not just to gun lovers, but also to jewelry lovers.

Should you need more information you can visit their site or their facebook page. Browse around while you're there, you can probably network with other people who love the same things you do!

They Are Back Home

As of this typing I could only here the voice of my nephew. The little one is busy puzzling the puzzle he got from my Aunt. My younger sister and her family left the house yesterday afternoon the reason why it’s quite here.

On the other hand, I am finally done with the tasks I got from last week. I have been lazy to blog in the past couple of days. Hopefully I can work on the recent tasks I got in one of paying site I am working with. I am also in a process of dealing to a direct advertiser. I hope we can close the deal soon.