Monday, December 10, 2012

Teachers Day

Laziness… would you leave me alone? I still have few undone tasks to do assign in this blog. I feel like doing the tasks but my mind is not cooperating. I could not get rid of the thought on watching my favorite show online. I guess, I will give to my thoughts request and will try to do the tasks I need to work on later, after talking the boyfriend.

On the other hand, I was with the little one this morning. I attended the program prepared by the student for their teachers. Yes, they had their Teacher’s Day celebration today. And because the little one were lazy to help me make the cards I opt to buy fresh roses for him to give to his teachers. I know he won’t stop asking it for me until he gets it.

I could say that the teachers had fun watching the program prepared for them as they laughing eh. And I vowed to the pupils are they didn’t give up repeating their numbers because of the sound system problem. To the teachers of SNTLSBEI, Happy Teacher’s Day.

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