Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shopped For My Nieces and Nephews

Gracious! I am sneezing and puffing my nose. Allergy it is. In time when I have a lot of things to do, I hope I can get rid of this before I left to downtown to run some errands.

Yesterday I buy few clothes for my nephews and nieces as a gift from me and my boyfriend. Timely as my sister's hubby was in the city so I ask him to bring the clothes I bought and let the kids fit it so I can change it if ever it is small or big for their size. Though we are in a tight budget the budget make it possible to give present to the kids. My plan of not giving ant for them didn’t materialize as the boyfriend didn’t agree to my plan.

Anyway, I have started my Christmas shopping yesterday. I bought few gift for my godchildren and wrapped it last night. Yes, I want to wrap the gifts myself for personal touch. It is not a fancy way of wrapping but I put effort on it. Hehehehe. I will be roaming around again today hoping to find something that is worth buying.


Anonymous said...

it is just a message to let you know i was here from AH since feedjit is not reading my visit. Anyway, that's so sweet of you buying gifts for your nephews and nieces. I have to do the same thing soon and send a balikbayan box for them.

Marie said...

That's so sweet of you and your boyfriend to shop for your nephews and nieces.

Well, I love Christmas shopping and budgeting what to buy during the holidays. I'm a bargain shopper so I scour for stuff that can fit in my budget. I also love wrapping presents, it so fun to do it with love. Obviously, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. :D

enjoy the holidays!