Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's A Busy Weekend And Productive

It’s gonna be a busy weekend at my end. With so many things that I need to work online such as commenting and blog hopping not to mention the tasks that was assigned to me yesterday by my all-time favorite paying site is surely enough to make my weekend really busy. I also need to go downtown later today to buy the shirt that my mother ask me to buy for the health convention she is going to attend together with fellow officials and health workers. I already bought her a pink shirt but she still needs a red one.

How about you? What is your plan for the weekend? Well, I know most of the bloggers I know would be busy working on the tasks from my all-time favorite site that pays blogger to blog. I have seen some shootout mentioning the policeman. You know what I mean. Hahahaha.. It a big secret but I know some blogger want to be the other woman of this police officer. I would like to share his name but we are not allowed to mention his name. So if you want to be one his women, you should follow his rule.

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