Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Miss Watching Video Online

I am online most of the time. If I am not doing my blogging, I am watching my favorite shows online or you will see me on some social networking but most of the time I am talking to the boyfriend. With this, I am forever indebted to whoever invented the computer and internet technology. Just imagine watching your favorite movie without spending any penny from the comfort of your home is definitely a good reason to be happy.

Anyway, while typing this blog post I am thinking of watching my favorite shows online. I have been really busy running errands online and offline for the past couple of days that doing the things I usually do online is becoming impossible. I also want to check out the site that my friend shared a couple of weeks ago. I get curious of the best web series she has been watching lately and since I am always online why not try it and see if my the series that my friend is watching is really worth my time.

Well, I actually know that the site is worth visiting as they have video web series in a wide variety of categories, including; Video Game, Comedy, Animated, Cartoon & Comics, Woodworking, Drama, How-Tos & DIY, Music, Health & Fitness, Educational, Celebrity Entertainment, Food & Drink, Parenting & Family, News & Politics, Sports & Cars, Talk & Interview, Technology, and Fashion & Beauty Webisodes.

And, well, since I am active in facebook I can also share my favorite web series or just share what I am watching. This site is really cool. I could not wait to start browsing the site.


Chubskulit Rose said...

I rely online for TV series that I miss watching. Having kids means that you get to watch TV o when they're asleep already but I prefer watching it online because it has less commercial.

jheylo said...

isn't it cool? we are able to watch our favorite shows, movies and even news without having to pay a penny. :D i used to watch tagalog movies online but i just don't have time for it anymore, even watching tv i rarely get to do so.

Rcel said...

I used to be a sucker of videos that I liked, especially shows. Unfortunately, I don't have time anymore to do it. Facebook and blogging nalang naaatupag ko! Lol.

Bless said...

I wish I have soo much time to watch videos online. But for sure this is really convenient as we can watch videos on the go as well :-)

Kaye Figuracion said...

I also watch movies and TV series online. My favorite is Pretty Little Liars and I can't wait for the next season of it.