Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful For All The Blessings

I should be in my bed as of this typing. I am a little tipsy and, well, a bit sleepy as well but I couldn’t just hit my bed as I have some errands to do online. I hope I can stay a little longer as I don’t want to run out of time tomorrow morning. On weekdays I am actually busy in the morning, checking e-mails and preparing the little one in going to school is an actual scenario.

On the other hand, I finally publish the two posts I got from a direct advertiser. I could not stop myself from smiling and thanking the Provider for all the blessing he bestowed upon me. I do have a lot of plan for the next couple of months and I do hope that blessings continue to pour at my end for me to materialize my plan for next year.

Before, beautifying our home is my priority but after a lot of thinking I figured saving is more important. I have spent quite a lot of money in beautifying our home so I guess it’s high time I put more effort on my son’s future.

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Wow! Congrats!! Sana ako din meron. Care to share Mommy? Hehehehe... :)