Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Alexa Rank

Each blogger aims to have good blogging traffic, thus having a lower alexa rank and pagerank of at least PR1. It may not be easy to achieve as it needs a lot of time and effort but at the end of the day we can smile knowing that we attract fellow bloggers to visit our sites.

Like other blogger, I also aim to lower the alexa rank of this blog in the next coming months. I recently joined a group that aim to help each blogger improve alexa ranks. I have been religiously visiting the participants for two days. I only hope I will achieve the fruit of my labor and see my alexa rank going down. As of this typing the rank of this blog is 2,263,282. As we all know, the lower the number the better. Let’s see if I can make it to 1 million in a month or so..

Aside from this blog I also need to work on the traffic of my other blog. The Alexa rank of my two domain blog is quite good so I want to focus on this blog and my other blog.

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