Saturday, November 24, 2012

Busy Weekend

So, how is your weekend so far?

As for me, I was at the mall with the little one, my sister in law and my nephew. Window shopping is all I can afford to do as of now. I do hope that I’ll have the budget for my nephews and nieces before the month ends. I still find some good deals on children clothing which is good as I am in tight budget this time around. Apart from buying clothes for the children I still need to make a list for my godchildren. I still you. I have a lot of godchildren. I still need to roam around for gift ideas, something that can be of use to the receiver.

I will have a busy weekend ahead of me; I have a lot to do online. I am not yet done visiting the participants of this week Comment exchange. I only have two days left to finish commenting in all the participants. I will try my best to get it done tonight or else I will be cramming tomorrow.

On the lighter note I will be working on the tasks I got from a direct advertiser. She offered few tasks to publish in this blog. I always smile from ear to ear whenever I get a message from a direct advertiser for it means extra income. I really need increase my saving for the holiday season. With the right and left extra expenses that were shouldered by my boyfriend I want to help him with my holiday shopping in my own little way.

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