Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blessing Is Pouring In Here

Few days ago, a DA’s contacted me to publish his post here. I smiled from ear to ear upon seeing his offer. Why not? It is quite a big payout compared to other direct advisers that I’ve work with. The adviser would like to publish three posts here. I have posted the first one and I got the payment, already. Two more post are coming my way this coming week as he promised. It’s a big help for me to attain the amount I need for the coming holiday. I have lots of godchildren, you know.

I only hope I will get the balance I have in another paying site. Part of the amount I have in this site is intended for my son’s saving, I got an e-mail from someone that the balance from the old site will be send out by chunk. I could only pray and wish that I will have the whole amount before the end of the year. But in fairness to the new site I more like their payment system, it’s quick. I already got the payment for the latest post I did for them.


Nova said...

so lucky of you, DAs are rare and they want to make sure the blogs they choose has great traffics...good luck sis..

btw, pls do add my new domain - Things I do,

I will add all your links in that page...thank you


Wow! You are so lucky!! Hope you can share the DA to us too. :)

Thanks in advance!!