Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Important Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Children are nurtured from the day they are born, but it is important to teach them life’s lessons, in order for them to grow into confident teenagers and, later on, adults. Children are greatly influenced by what they observe around them. Parents or guardians are unknowing role models, as children absorb absolutely everything! They must know that no one, absolutely no one, is perfect. People are moulded individually through life’s experiences. During their lifetime, your child will come into contact with a broad range of personalities, but if they have reliable guidance from a young age, they will understand that this is their life and it is up to them to determine what it will be.


Responsibility can be taught at a very young age. A first lesson can be picking up their toys. Make them responsible for any mess created through play and they will generally understand that they are responsible for their actions. This is a very rewarding trait to encourage and will stay with them their whole lives.


Children are very impressionable. Life is one big learning experience for them. Confidence is an attribute that will carry them through life’s challenges. Children with no confidence in themselves tend to have low self-esteem and low expectations which can turn into resentment later in life. Teaching your child to be confident is a wonderful lesson but just make sure they do not get overconfident. There is a fine line and as a care giver, you should be aware of this.

Learn to Admit Your Mistakes 

Teach your child that it is all right to make a mistake. When they know they are wrong, they should admit it and apologize; Let them know that even parents make mistakes.

Family is Important 

The world rushes by daily, but it is important to sit down together as a family to discuss the days’ events. Make time to listen to your children excitedly relaying to you stories of their day. They in turn should learn to listen to others. A family unit will go through many hardships and emotions together. These are the things that bind them together. Make sure you set aside time for fun outings like going to the park or the beach, fishing or bowling. These are memories to be cherished by all forever.

The Value of Money 

From the time children get money as a birthday gift or they start earning pocket money for household chores, teaching them about money will encourage them to make mature decisions. It is important that they learn how to budget, how to save, how to spend and how to manage money. full of useful financial tips to guide youngsters in the right direction. Professional staff at Fox Symes can take your child through a range of options to set them up financially.
Technology is an amazing thing but we need to instill in our children behaviors and values that will ensure they grow into well-adjusted young adults capable of dealing with what life puts in their path. It is the guardian’s responsibility to teach practical life skills to their little ones. Children sometimes believe they know everything, so gentle encouragement will teach them to respect others and be patient and understanding. These invaluable lessons will take them a long way.

Tara Blair is a Personal Finance, Family and Travel Writer from Australia. She says that these 5 things are among the most important things you can teach your children while they are young to assist them later in life.

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