Monday, October 8, 2012

Power Nap

Four hours of nap is surely a power nap that is what happened to me this afternoon. I don’t know what seems to be wrong but I always feel sleepy even early in the morning. Although I had my power nap this afternoon I am already getting sleepy. Oh well, I don’t have anything to do tonight so I might as well hit the sack early. But then, I need to transfer the amount I have in my paypal. I hope my all time favorite site will send its payment tonight so I might stay up late because of this or maybe I will try to take a nap and get up after few hours like I usually do.

I still have few undone tasks in my dashboard but since I still have few days left to finish it I’ll just let it stay in my dashboard for few more days. Procrastinating is one thing that is difficult to avoid at least for me. How about you? Do you procrastinate?

1 comment:

Nova said...

power nap is the best answer if we are sleepy yet we need to do so many things and don't want to leave them hanging...