Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October

Hello October and goodbye September.

The month of September brought me a lot of struggles but thanks goodness I manage to surpass with the help of our creator. Of course I won’t deny the fact that boyfriend is another instrument why I manage to surpass financially. Aside from the MAN above, in one way or another my boyfriend is also my source of strength and inspiration. I hope and pray that this month will be full of blessing and less problem.

On the other note, I have one reason to be excited. The plan of having a niche blog will soon be materialized. I am in a process of getting another blog, a travel and food blog. I seldom travel and I seldom visit nice restaurants but it didn’t stop me for getting another blog.


Nova said...

The big Holiday is fast approaching, better save more in order to have something to share by then, that's true, there is nothing great if you have help from someone, of course with God's help as well...

imelda said...

been absent here for a long time.yes it is october already and the year will soon be over. the year just rolls off like a mat. but thanks heavens we are all in good health.