Monday, September 3, 2012

Wishing A Productive Week

It’s Monday again? What? Time flies really; it was last Friday when I attended the culmination program of Buwan ng Wika at the school of the little one.

Well, nothing much happened over the weekend aside from being busy with offline errands. I do hope that I will get an answer from the direct advertiser that contacted me last week. Online earning is kinda slow for the past weeks. With a lot of extra expenses in my hand right now I do wish that I can help the boyfriend in my own little way.

 I know the boyfriend would help me in any way he can as he don’t like it when I am worried especially that he can do something about it. I have mentioned a lot of times that I am lucky to have him as a boyfriend not because he is always there to help me financially but because he knows when to melt my heart. Yeah, he can be jealous sometimes but then it’s part of being in to a relationship. Right?

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