Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Had A Long Sleep

It’s not a secret that I am dealing a lot of things lately. But I am glad and thankful to the MAN above as he is always there to guide me and help me overcome every problem that comes my way. I won’t deny the fact that I have been restless for quite sometimes dealing with personal problems and assisting the little one in his school activities. But despite all the things that I’ve been dealing lately I still consider myself lucky. I have a very supportive boyfriend that is always there for me although I am making a big hole in his wallet lately.

For sometimes now I am having a lack of sleep. But last night is different as I had a long and sound sleep. Would you believe I slept for almost 12 hours? I know I may sound over reacting but it’s true. I hit the bed around 10 last night and get up from the bed pass 9 in the morning. Anyway, it seemed that I don’t have enough of sleep yet as I feel sleepy again. So I guess I’ll take a break for an hour or so and take a nap.

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